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How to Find Art Journal Supplies for Cheap

If you were wondering How to Find Art Journal Supplies for Cheap I have a few ideas for you. The best place to find cheap supplies for your art journal is at the Dollar Store. I know there isn't a Dollar Store in every city or country but there are versions of it or cheap stores for toys or stationary. You'll find these supplies in all of them.



How to Find Art Journal Supplies for Cheap

Art Journal

Art journal doesn't have to be a fancy one. Any sketchbook or old book can be an art journal. You can even use a coloring book with sturdy pages. Just cover the pages with white paint or gesso so the page will be white and prepped for any medium.


Gesso is an opaque and matte paint that is used to cover canvases or prepare surfaces for being painted. Think of it as primer for your art journal.
Gesso is the only item for art journaling that you will probably NOT get at the dollar store. It's not terribly cheap, but it's worth investing in a bottle that should last you quite awhile, and you will use the same bottle for many art journals to come.


The best paint to use is acrylic paint. The Dollar Store or other cheap stores usually have a box with a few paints inside that will be perfect. Watercolors can work too. Make sure you have a few brushes to do the different techniques like painting, stenciling and stamping.

Colored Pencils

Colored pencils or Crayons of any kind will be a great addition to your art journal supplies. You can draw or doodle with them and add text. You can also use them to color shapes you cut from old coloring books or magazines.

Correction Pens

Use fine tip correction pens as white markers. Instead of correction mistakes with them use them to draw, doodle, write or embellish you pages.


You will need black pen for journaling. Try different pens and see which type you like and works best on your pages. For darker surfaces use Gel pens or even glitter pens. They'll look good on any dark paint or paper.

All these cheap supplies are usually meant for kids or not in the best quality but they will work great on any art journal page. You don't have to use top quality supplies to create amazing art journal pages.

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