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My Formula for Buying Craft Supplies Online

When you buy craft supplies online do you have a method or you just buy whatever you see? Today I want to share with you My Formula for Buying Craft Supplies Online without spending unnecessary money or time.



My Formula for Buying Craft Supplies Online 

Most of the supplies I use are either unavailable here or very expensive so I do most of my shopping online. That is sometimes a challenge because I can't "feel" or touch the items myself. So I have my own formula of shopping that ensures I get what I need. This method works for store shopping too.

1. Make a list

When I work I always have a piece of paper on the desk titled The List. This is a list of supplies that I NEED to buy. While I'm working some supplies are finished so I write them down on the list. I also get ideas for supplies I need and don't have yet so I write them on the list too. Another part of the list are thing I WANT. These are mostly new products or new releases that I don't yet have but I want to try them. 

2. Add something new

While I'm doing my shopping on the online store I always try to add one new product. It's usually not on the list. These are items I never tried before or haven't even heard about. It can be a new tool, a new embellishment or a new medium. I've found some great products this way!

3. Check the clearance

I always check to see what's on sale. A lot of the times you can find great deals there and buy something that makes you really happy!

4. Don't get tempted!

I know it's easier said then done but try to stick to your list and to the budget. Remember there is always a holiday coming and a sale to celebrate it! patience is a virtue in online shopping!

Next time you go shopping use My Formula for Buying Craft Supplies Online or develop your own formula for keeping the cost down and focus on what you need so you'll have enough money for what you want too.

What fun supplies have you bought recently?

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