Do you LOVE making art journal pages …

but you wish you could do it easily and smoothly?!

We’ve all had those super-satisfying moments when we make an art journal page we’re truly proud of.

Creating an art journal page is the perfect way to express yourself, slow down, unwind and relieve stress...

Having that winning feeling when you tried a new technique and it turned out EXACTLY how you wanted!

And the satisfaction of successfully completing a page in your art journal...

The problem is… it doesn’t always work out that way.

Making art journal pages often feels like climbing up a never ending mountain


And you’re not alone if you feel frustrated by these problems:


  • You look at a blank page, and you feel uninspired, overwhelmed, and unsure of where to start.
  • You’ve wasted hours online searching for art journal pages, going down countless Pinterest and YouTube rabbit holes… only to find that most tutorials are hard to follow, incomplete, turn out poorly — or just require a ton of supplies you don’t have.
  • You’ve spent many long afternoons on art journal pages that don’t turn how you want them to… and you often feel disappointed with what you make. It’s so discouraging when your creations turn out so different than the picture in the tutorial!

If you WISH there was a way you could get access to unique, inspiring,

and totally DOABLE art journal pages…


Without wasting hours on failed attempts or spending your next paycheck

on expensive supplies...

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An online monthly membership that gives you exclusive, step-by-step LIVE video tutorials and resources — to make EVERY art journal pageect a smashing success!


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Art journal backrounds

Page building basics

Layering elements

How to add text

Adding texture to the page

Interactive art journal pages

Art journling techniques

Using different tools and materials

and more...



Perfect for beginners, experienced art journal makers... and everyone in between


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When you join us inside The ART JOURNAL CLUB, you’ll also get instant and unlimited access to the closed Facebook group where we'll have monthly LIVE art journal page tutorial.

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3 Reasons Why You’ll LOVE Being in the ART JOURNAL CLUB


It's so frustrating to stare at a blank art journal page with no idea how to start! That's why each art journal page tutorial is

filled with creative ideas, inspiration and tips and tricks how to start a page and complete it with easy steps and fun techniques.


Every art journal page tutorial inside The ART JOURNAL PAGE has been developed with your success in mind. We deliver step-by-step LIVE videos, clear instructions, and support inside the FB group and the ART JOURNAL CLUB page to make sure you won’t feel the frustration of yet another failed project. And for experienced crafters, you’re sure to pick up tons of new techniques and skills from our in-depth videos!



It’s so frustrating to see all the fancy techniques and materials used on art journal pages you see online. However all the art journal page tutorials in the ART JOURNAL PAGE CLUB show how to make art journal pages with supplies you already have with easy to master techniques



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Our mission is to give you everything you need to create beautiful and unique art journal pages, and we stand behind that with our 7-day satisfaction guarantee.

If you become a member and don’t feel that the resources, tutorials and support you receive inside The ART JOURNAL CLUB help you make art journal pages with more confidence then just let us know within 7 days of joining and we’ll send you a full refund.

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You’re a total beginner who’s ready to dive in, start expressing your creativity, and get the support you need with fail-proof art journal pages and LIVE step-by-step tutorials to make sure you succeed…

You’re an aspiring art journal maker who sometimes gets stuck when looking for inspiration and you want to keep growing your skills, learn new techniques, and work with interesting materials...

You’re an experienced art journal maker looking for your next great page, and you can’t wait to master art journaling techniques and create beautiful pages and journals  — the kind you can’t wait to show off!

Meet Einat, your host and virtual craft buddy!


Hi there! I’m Einat Kessler, fellow crafting fanatic and the teacher, author and project developer behind The ART JOURNAL CLUB.

I’m also a former diplomat (really!), lover of French fries and mushroom and onion pizza, wife to a very patient engineer and mom to two boys.

I created The ART JOURNAL CLUB because I was frustrated by the lack of quality creative tutorials online, especially for art journal pages and techniques. I spent hours looking for funky tutorials that would teach & inspire me… without any luck!

None of my friends were into art journaling and I always felt that I was by myself without a community. I wanted to create, learn and have fun with friends. I wanted to ask questions and get feedback. I was looking for ideas for pages, techniques and ways to use the mountains of supplies I had in my craft room.

This place didn’t exist… so I created it! If you’re ready to start making amazing art journal pages, learning new techniques, discovering materials and tools and having fun with fail-proof art journal page, then The ART JOURNAL CLUB was made for you! You’ll love our supportive community of like-minded crafters who are just like you.

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