We all have TOO many craft supplies!

We NEED all those supplies! DO WE? Really?
I think not! I’m here to tell you we all have a craft store in our house!! We just need to use it wisely!

Join me as I explore frugal crafting and how to shop in our own home craft store and maximize it!

How to Craft More and Pay Less
We all have TOO many craft supplies!

We can't help ourselves…when we go into a craft store we're like a kid in a candy store. ...

Frugal Crafting - Tips & Tricks

How do other crafters maximize what they have

We all need new creative ways to think about our stash and crafting. Our ...

Frugal Storage Solutions

My Storage Solutions

There is no one way to store your craft supplies. There are so many products out there, DIY ideas and ...

5 Ways to Maximize Space in your Craft Room

Storage Solutions for Craft Supplies

Using Forgotten and Unwanted Supplies

Destash and maximize your craft materials

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I'm Einat: creative professional,mixed media artist, scrapbook and paper designer, altering enthusiast and class instructor.
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