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Hot Ideas for Capturing Summer memories

Last year I posted about some hot ideas for summer layouts and ya’ll loved it! So why not do another one? Here’s a round up of more ideas for great summer layouts capturing all the fun you had and still have time to have!

I have to admit I have mixed feelings about summer. On one hand the weather is horrible, it’s hot, humid and sticky and all you want to do is put the AC in an I.V and syick it in your hand 🙂 On the other hand the days are long, there is a lot of time to have fun with the family, the fruits are amazing and there’s no school! So sometimes i love the summer and sometimes I hate it..

Wet Layouts
Who doesn’t love going to the beach or the swimming pool to cool off in the inviting blue water?  The water is always a great background for taking beautiful photos with a calm atmosphere or a splatter! There are so many activities to capture: swimming, diving, splattering, collecting sea shells, walking on the beach, learning to swim and so many more. Photograph as many as you can and create wet layouts or a wet mini album.

You can find a video tutorial for this layout here.

Exploring The Great Outdoors
Hiking, walking, driving are all wonderful ways to spend the day exploring the wonders of nature and being outdoors. Having a picnic or swinging on a hammock are so relaxing and inspiring and can bee a source for funny and goofy photos, especially if the hammock doesn’t want to play along…

You better start making a list… or you will run out of time to create all these layout ideas 🙂

I hope you’ll have a great fun summer!

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Have fun creating!

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