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Tuesday, June 19th, 2018
Foamiran Flowers Card and Tutorial

Hi dear crafty friends! I want to share with you my Foamiran Flowers Card and Tutorial. This is a card I created as part of my Scrap & Craft design team. Other then beautiful papers and chipboards I used Foamiran to create the flowers on the card.     Foamiran Flowers Card and Tutorial What is foamiran? Foamiran is a stretchy material (foam) 0,8 mm or 0.6 mm thick which looks like paper. It reacts to heat and it is easy to shape when warm. Please note that this is a special kind of foam dedicated to flower making. It’s not ordinary craft foam 2 mm thick Which you can buy in crafts stores with products for kids.     Start by cutting out flowers in two different sizes. You can use any flower die you have in your stash. It will not work with punches but if you don’t have any dies you can trace a flower pattern onto the …

Friday, September 23rd, 2016
Graphic 45 Fall and Halloween

This month on Graphic 45 Fall and Halloween I have two sneak peeks for you. I had to create two assignments this month one for fall and one for Halloween. Not only did I have a lot of fun creating these projects but I enjoy the fact I have to challenge myself to create fun and unique projects. I have to say that working with papers you love sure makes that so much easier 🙂     Graphic 45 Fall and Halloween The fall project is a project you can create under 60 minutes! Yes, it’s not only fast it’s also affordable and easy to make. I love the fall first the weather is getting colder and I can feel the winter at the end of the tunnel. Second I love those orange and yellow colors. I created a Fall Wreath you can hang on your door or inside the house. The flowers on it will never die. Check out …

Sunday, April 10th, 2016
Spring Flowers Round Up

Spring is in the air so it’s a perfect time for a Spring Flowers Round Up. I’m taking you back to some of the DIY flowers I made over the years so you can create some of them yourselves. All photo tutorials are super easy and you can fill your house with flowers that will last forever.   Spring Flowers Round Up Let’s start with one of my favorites: Rose. A classical flower that is not only timeless but is so pretty it can embellish any card,project or even a centerpiece on your table. It’s all a matter of changing the size to fit whatever you want. Find the tutorial here. next flower is a Wet Flower. Don’t worry it’s not actually wet but you need water to create it. Sounds interesting? You can find the tutorial here. Everybody has duck tape at home, but did you know you can create a Duck Tape Flower? There are so many colors …

Monday, November 19th, 2012
101 Flower Tutorial #19: a Rose

Have you started your preparations for the December holidays? Here’s a great, easy and fun tutorial guaranteed to teach you how to make beautiful paper roses. It’s also a great way to maximize your supplies because you only need a small piece of cardstock! You’ll need a 6 petals flower punch (I used Marvy Uchida) and double sided cardstock. 1. Punch 3 flowers.2. Flower 1: make a cut from the edge between two petals to the center.    Flower 2: cut out one petal.    Flower 3: cut out two petals. 3. Take the cut out petal and roll it tightly. Adhere to secure and cut the bottom edge.   4. Take the two petals cut out and roll as well but more loosely. Adhere to secure.   5. Close the 4 petal flower (the one you cut two petals from) by adhering its petals. Repeat with the other two flowers. 6. Assemble the flower by adhering all the pieces together. Start from …

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012
101 Flower Tutorial #18: Wet Flower

It’s time for another great, easy, fun flower tutorial. This time we’ll play with an easy mixed media technique and we’ll get wet…very appropriate for the summer! 1.       You will need a piece of tissue paper. Spray the paper with water or glimmer mist if you want to add a little color. 2.       When the paper is wet crumple the paper into a circle shape. Leave to dry. 3.       After the flower is dry add a brad, rhinestone or bling in the center. Have fun creating! Einat

Friday, July 13th, 2012
101 Flowers Tutorial #17: Colored rub-on

Many times rub-ons are black and sometimes you may want to add a little color. Today’s tutorial is all about how you can do just that. 1.       Cut the shape you want from the rub-on sheet. Make sure to cut it with its protective paper. 2.       Separate the rub-on from the protective sheet and turn it over. 3.       Pick a color pencil and color the empty spaces inside the black lines of the rub-on. The rub-on has a layer of adhesive even on these spaces and the color of the pencil simply colors that layer of adhesive. 4.       Apply the rub-on to your project in the usual way. The color will come off as well giving you a colorful rub-on! Here’s how it looks on a layout: Have fun creating! Einat

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012
101 Flowers Tutorial #16: Duck Tape

Duck Tape? Yes, Duck Tape. In principal you can make a flower of almost any material you want, so why not duck tape? Now it comes in all kinds of colors and patterns  so it’s really fun and not expensive to work with and incorporate it in your projects. Here’s how it’s done: 1.       Cut a long strip of Duck tape. Fold it almost in half, leaving part of the tape’s sticky part exposed. 2.       Start rolling the Duck tape while wrinkling it. If the flower is not big enough you can add another strip and continue rolling and wrinkling. 3.       Add a bead, button or brad as a center. 4.       For a finishing touch add leaves. Have fun creating! Einat

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