Altered Tin Box Zettiology Style

A really fun project for you this week! An altered box, but not the common way you know of altering the outside with paint and embellishments. This alteration is only on the inside and in a very unique style of art called Zettiology, which was created by the artist Teesha Moore.

Zettiology is basically a style of art that mixes the real world with the fantasy world. It’s all about creating fantastical images of creatures that have a human body with an animal head or vice versa. They all have large eyes, unlogical body features and parts that don’t go together in the real world. And they all “live” in a fantasy, colorful world, a world that gives you a feeling that you are not on earth anymore.

Achieving this look is easy. All you need to do is mix and match different images, body parts and species. I took a girl’s body and gave her an owl face and wings. Obviously there is no such creature except in my imagination 🙂 I created a very bold and colorful background with alcohol inks and also added a title and doodling. To finish the scene I added a stars vine as a “tree”.

How do you feel about this type of art? Do you like it, hate it? Does it freak you out or inspire you? Share with us in the comments.

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Have fun creating!

2 comments on “Altered Tin Box Zettiology Style

  • I kind of love that style of art! I especially love that you did it in an open tin! I have a bunch of those stashed away…now I know what I can do with at least one of them! Thanks for sharing, Einat! I love it!


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