Recycled Vintage Mini Album

I love making albums from unconventional materials so I created this recycled vintage mini album from corrugated cardboard that I cut from an old unwanted box. The corrugated texture is so easy and fun to work on and it gives a special texture when you tare off the upper covering paper and reveal the corrugated cardboard. The color of the cardboard and the teared look gave me the inspiration for this vintage look.

all the recycled vintage mini album pages have matching papers in brown, red and rustic green colors. I also matched all the embellishments in color and style and if I didn't have the right embellishments I created it myself. You can see how I created all the embellishments here. I also used vintage photos of me and my family to compliment the vintage look.

recycled vintage mini album


Recycled Vintage Mini Album

I called this mini album Time Goes By. naming a mini album and creating the front cover is something I usually do last. It might sound counter intuitive but I feel that only after I finish designing the entire album I'm in the right artistic mood to create the cover. In that stage the name of the mini album comes to me really quickly. I've tried creating the cover first like other designers do but it just doesn't work for me.


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One of my favorite pages is the page with this photo of my mother and grandmother. They both look so young and pretty in this photo and I think it's the perfect photo of them. I had to re-size all the photos for this recycled vintage mini album because the pages were too small for 4x6 photos. I don't mind cutting the photos if possible but some of them were not suitable for cutting so I made them smaller and printed them.







This photo of me is from when I was about 11 years old. As you can see I started with crafts at an early age. I look very engaged in this and I know I was because I didn't even knew I was photographed until my mom showed me the photo a few years later. I guess that creativity is something you are born with and it burns inside you. It always finds a way and I did many crafts and related creative activities during the years from my high-school yearbook illustration to crochet to all the things I do today. 




I created this recycled vintage mini album a few years ago and it was the first class I taught. 

What unusual materials do you use to create mini albums?

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