Baby Card tutorial

There are so many designs for a baby card. But for this baby (first born of a dear friend of mine) I wanted to make something special, something different. I thought about it for a long time and one day it came…the perfect idea! A knitted card! The card is really easy to make (if you know how to knit): 1. Knit a square that is a little bigger than the card you want to use. 2. When finished wrap the card with the knitted piece (the same as you wrap a book with paper) and adhere to secure. 3. Add embellishments. I added a small sock attached a safety pin and added stars, ribbons and a title. I “hanged” the sock with two small laundry pins I painted blue. You can make a pink version for a baby girl. Have fun creating! Einat

101 Flowers Tutorial #6: Button Flowers

I love buttons. They add a soft, homey gentle touch to every layout as well as texture and interesting dimension. There is another special reason I like to use buttons in my creations. They were a gift, a gift from my late grandmother. My grandmother used to love her sewing and she had a huge button collection. It was all organized in small boxes according to color, shape and size. After she passed away my dad and aunt went through her things and found her buttons collection. Knowing me, they knew I would want to have that collection and they gave it to me. Ever since then I know that whenever I use a button from her collection she’s up there smiling. So, in honor of my grandma’s collection today’s flower tutorial is all about buttons. All you need to make all these flowers are different shapes, sizes and colors of flowers: 1. Use two flowered shaped buttons on top …

Round and round we go!

I love cards! They are fun to make and even more fun to give. It makes me really happy to see the smile on someone who gets a card and knows it was made especially for them. I try to make my cards interesting, with a twist, it can be unconventional colors or embellishments or even…shape. This card is not only rounded, it has a surprise…it turns! This is the card when it’s closed. On the front I adhered two presents made from paper piecing and ribbon leftovers and a muffin with a candle. I will have instructions on how to create the muffin in my “Technique corner” next time. There is also a partial sentiment on the side. When the card turns… The muffin doesn’t move but the presents turn and you can see the entire sentiment and the journaling on the top. The circle in the middle has a half circle window that reveals what is hidden when …

Single sheet of paper: three cards

It’s that time again! The time for another great “one sheet of paper” tutorial. This month I had to go to a few events and I made a few cards. That led me to think…how can I make beautiful cards and still save up my supplies. Well, the answer is to use one sheet of paper to design three different cards and the leftovers to create the embellishments. You will need: 1 sheet of double sided cardstock. A few embellishments like ribbon and buttons Cut a 12″ by 8″ rectangle. Cut it to three rectangles 4″ by 8″ each. Card #1: window card 1. Take one rectangle. Fold on the 2″ line and on the 6″ line to create two flaps that open outward. 2. Add a lace ribbon around the card. 3. Create a border from the remaining cardstock. 4. Add a spiral flower. You can find the instruction for the flower on the 101 Flower tutorial: spiral flower. …

Dear Dad card

It’s time for another Designer Crafts Connection blog hop. Every first Monday of the month will be the official hopping day, this wonderful group of designers will share with you great projects to help inspire you. The theme this month is Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Graduation! I always make cards for my mom’s birthday and mother’s day but I realized I have never made a card for my dad. I know…I’m a bad daughter . So, this year I decided to mend my ways and make a card for my dad’s birthday, which is in two weeks. This card is great for Father’s day too, or even for your grandfather or husband.  To make this card you will need: 1 card4 different kinds of sanding paper.Nuts and bolts or cog wheelsNailsBradsJournaling block or a tagEyeletsLetters 1. Cover the front of the card with torn pieces of sand paper. 2. Add your title. I used textured letters to add to …

Yummy apple

One of the Jewish New Year’s customs is to eat a red apple. The apple symbolizes the year that we want to have: sweet, whole, round and smooth with no bumps. To emphasize this wish the apple is dipped in honey and then eaten with the blessing: “may we have a good sweet year!” In light of this, apple is a popular theme in The New year’s cards, dishes, table cloths, napkins etc. I decided to go with the flow and make a card with an apple. The writing on the apple: “Good, sweet year”.       Challenges:Etsy Inspired #102 – Global Child Collection: inspired by Compassion for our planet.Sunday sketch & stamp #35Crafty Angles 42 – something old something newC.R.A.F.t challenges 64 – photo inspirationPolka doodles 33 – Vintage styleCrazy 4 challenges – sketch C4C51Just Scraps #18 – fussy cutting    

Folding card – Tutorial

I made this folding card as one of the designs for the MY Punch August kit. It looks complicated but it is actually very easy once you know where to cut and fold. The hard work is to cut all the squares that come on it. So this is how it’s done: 1. Cut a double sided cardstock 12″ by 5.5″. 2. Make 4 folds at 2″, 4″, 8″, 10″ 3. Turn the cardstock and make 2 cuts at 1.5″ and 4″. Cut only from the first fold to the last fold. 4. Fold the card, starting from the left: first fold – mountain (out), second fold – valley (in), then mountain again and end with a valley fold. 5. Change two of the folds: the inner second fold turns out and the third fold turns in. 6. Now you have the basic card and you need to embellish it. Cut 2 sets of squares: The first set 1/4 of …

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