Inside: useful tips on how to make your craft supplies last and work longer   I have a problem with brushes… I always forget to wash them and as a result I have to throw most of them away because they dry up with all the paint on them and they’re unusable. Does this ever happen to you? Got any craft supplies you can’t use anymore or dried up ink pads, paints or stamps? I once had a Martha Stewart border punch which broke after only using it twice! They sent a new one but it was days after i needed it for my project. We spend so much money on craft supplies and tools only to throw them away when we can’t use them anymore. It’s not only waste it’s also really frustrating when you need to use them and can’t.     MOST USED CRAFT SUPPLIES Our craft room is full of supplies, some we use often and …


Inside: full proof ways to save money on your craft supplies   We all know crafting is an expensive hobby! the manufacturers don’t help when they release new products two or three times a year and stores fill their shelves with crafty eye candies as far as the eye can see. However it is possible to stay within a budget and save money on craft supplies.     SAVE MONEY ON CRAFT SUPPLIES IN THE CRAFT ROOM Saving money on craft supplies starts strangely enough in your craft room! Not because you stop buying craft supplies but because you start being smart about the craft supplies you already have. MAXIMIZING CRAFT SUPPLIES Saving bits and bobs from projects is a good way to cut your crafting expenses because you may have much of what you need for your project already on hand. Scrapbooking and paper crafts are perfect examples. I have boxes full of random-sized pieces of patterned papers and …

Creating on a Budget

Creating can be an expensive hobby with lots of expenses on different supplies. Can we be Creating on a Budget? Expenses add up because we want all the colors and we want all the papers. We go to the craft store and see all the sales and say to ourselves that we need them for our projects but do we really need them?  Creating on a BudgetIs it possible to be more fugal and create on a budget when the industry keeps bombarding us with new shiny supplies and tells us that we must have them? I was thinking about the things I used to help me cut the cost of creating and compiled them to a list:Bubble wrap: great for creating patterns as a stamp or on a gelli plateThings from nature: leaves, shells and feathers are all things you can buy in a store but it’s much cheaper to use the real thing.Metal objects: I find metal objects everywhere I …

Frugal Crafting: DIY Embellishments

Everyone of us can practice frugal crafting: DIY embellishments for every project. It’s all a matter of using what we have in our stash and not buy embellishments or use ready made embellishments as a default. Every time you need to embellish a project like a scrapbook layout, a canvas, an altered item or a card and you automatically reach for your embellishments’ drawer or box stop! Stop and think “what can I use instead? can I create my own embellishment?” Yes you can! you can make your own unique items or personalized embellishments you already have. Frugal crafting: DIY Embellishments for Every projectSome of these ideas may be old and familiar but even though they are so well known we tend to forget them. It’s definitely easier to save time and reach out for something we bought at the store but if we want to save money and use our stash let’s embrace the practice of frugal crafting: DIY embellishments …

Create Your Own Craft Supplies

I’m a firm believer that if you can make it yourself (and you have the time for it)then definitely Do It Yourself! Craft supplies are no different. There are so many ways to create craft supplies without almost spending  nothing or very little money. So I created a Pinterest board with a collection of home made recipes for creating your own craft supplies. Some of my favorites are: Homemade stamp/ink Daubers  Make your own Ink Sprays with Inktense Blocks DIY Pearls DIY Texture Paste recipe There are many more recipes for homemade supplies you can use. Just click on the link and you’ll be instantly transported to a world of DIY craft supplies. Don’t miss out! Keep up with all the crafty goodness by subscribing to the Einat Kessler creative newsletter Have fun creating!

How to Create a Family Photo Wall Collage

I have been wanting to do this in my house for a long time but always found a reason to postpone it. For some strange reason I was scared it wouldn’t come out right. But that was my first mistake, there is no right or wrong way to do it. Just a few principles to follow will guarantee that your will will look great! 1. Use different size and shape framesIf you use different sizes and shapes frames it will save you the need to measure and create even gaps between the frames. That is because our eye will focus on the shape and size and the gaps between the frames will in fact be invisible. 2. Use color wiselyIf you use colorful frames then have black and white photos, and if you want to use colored photos then keep the frames’ colors neutral like black, white or brown. Choose frame colors that compliment the colors in the room and …

Create Your Own Washi Tape with Ann Butler Stamps and Inks

Who doesn’t love washi tape? We all do! That’s why we have stashes of it at home right? But how often do you want a certain pattern, color or images on your washi tape and you don’t have it? After all we can’t have every single washi tape on the planet. I have a solution for this problem…Create your own washi tape! It’s a much easier task than you think. All you need is a medical tape which is low tack and semi transparent that you can find it in the drug store, stamps and ink. I used Ann Butler Faux Quilting 1″ Stamps and Ann Butler Crafter’s Ink by Clearsnap. I played around with the ink and stamps and here are a few easy and quick techniques for you to try: 1. Simple PatternChoose a pattern stamp and a color of ink and stamp repeatedly across the tape. 2. Pattern and ColorColor the tape with ink diluted with water …

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