Making a Family History Book Part 4

Welcome to the fourth post in the series! I hope you you were inspired to start your own family history book or to add some new ideas to the heritage projects you’re currently working on. More Photos space I’ve used interactive opening flaps to increase the space for text, but it is also a great solution for more photos space. Create an opening flap with text on both sides and add photos on the part under it. this will also create an element of surprise and discovery to the history book and give the viewer a feeling of exploring and discovering the history themselves.     Interactive mechanisms I’ve already explained how interactive mechanisms can increase space for text and photos, but these mechanisms can help you add content to the page. The same way you can use a theme to tell a part of the story you can use an interactive mechanism. In this page I created an opening …

Making a Family History book Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of the series Making a Family History Book part 3. I hope you found the ideas I’ve shared so far inspiring and maybe even try a few of them. Gossip & Experiences At first glance you might think it’s inappropriate to include such things in a heritage book, but consider the fact that this book is a history book for generations to come. The experiences or gossip stories of today will be the treasured memories tomorrow. In this page, which is the opening page for the chapter about the immediate family, I added short sentences about special things we like to do together as a family.     Themed pages Themed pages are pages which are designed according to a specific subject. A page like that is a great and creative way to tell a story about a person. By creating a page about space it is easy to understand that my other son is interested …

Making a Family History Book Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of making a Family History Book! I have some more tips for an old school traditional heritage scrapbook to share! Use Office Supplies Last time we stopped at the middle of the first chapter that was about the first link in the chain…my son. The next page is avout the school years and would be great as a design for Back to School page. I used an old fashion notebook for the text. I removed all the pages and inserted the printed cardstock that I cut to size.   The page when the notebook is closed Note book opened   More Text Less Space A great way to insert long texts to a limited space is to create interactive mechanism. A small notebook or booklet that measures 4″x6″ will only take that space although it can include a lot of text. Print the text on flaps or fold A4 pages in half. This way you can …

Making a Family History Book Part 1

My young son is turning 13 soon. This year it’s his bar-Mitzvah year which means he has special events throughout the year not only with the family but at school too. One of the highlights of the year is creating a heritage book. This is a few months process where the kids find out about their roots and ancestors through interviews, photos, stories and memorabilia. my son started this process in a very reluctant way, not really understanding why does he need to do such an elaborate work. Slowly he was captured by the stories about far away places and events, the old photos and the customs. He even got to the point of telling me: “I don’t understand why we have a time limit on this and why we are graded on it. Such an important work should not be done under pressure. I don’t care about the grade I’m doing it because it’s important!”   15% of the …

Masculine layouts: Blue Fern Studios

I’m a big fan of masculine layouts and I have to be because I have two teenage boys who like to look at all the layouts I create with their photos and comment about them. So I always have to balance between design and embellishments, make it interesting but not too feminine. In these two layouts I did just that. The first layout is pure masculine, not a flower in sight…only gears and cogwheels with masculine colors. All the chipboards were colored and embossed in several layers using different embossing powders. I cut the photos into circles in matching sizes to the chipboard. After adding them to the layout I add some doodling with a white gel pen as well as a title. Check out the video tutorial on the Blue Fern Studios channel. The second layout has flowers on it. I like adding flowers to boys’ layouts as long as I keep the balance and not add too many. …


  Inside: the best techniques o cover and paint chipboard for a great look for your project.     I’m a control freak… and I don’t like to be dictated to in life or in my crafts. That means that I always prefer making or painting my own embellishments instead of using something bought that someone else decided what color it will be. So whenever I use chipboard on a project I like using bare shapes and cover or paint them myself to match its style and color to my project.     MAKING PROJECTS WITH CHIPBOARD   Chipboard is a versatile material to use in craft projects of almost any kind. It can add texture and dimension to a scrapbook page, a mixed media canvas or an altered box. When it comes bare you can customize its color and texture to match it to any project you’re working on. To find out more about how to work with it …

Mixed Media Layout: Words

They say men are not good with words and that women are better. I don’t know if that’s true or if that’s the reason my two beautiful boys find it hard sometimes to say loving words to each other. I know they love each other very much but they never say or show it. So I decided to create a layout about it and maximize my supplies by using leftover letter stickers and papers. I started with adding letters to a 12×12 patterned paper. These are leftover letter stickers that can no longer spell any words and a bunch of letters that got stuck together after they fell of the backing plastic. Using all these stickers to create a background is a great way to scrap your stash!       Then I covered all the letters with gesso and sprayed them with a few colors. I used light muted colors because I didn’t want the background to be too …

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