Inside: how to organize your digital and printed family photos without being overwhelmed!   I recently decided to organize my photos. LOL!! That might sounds like an easy task but it was much harder than I thought… There were TOO MANY photos both printed and digital and I was very close to be completely overwhelmed by this number and give up the entire project. But then I decided to approach this in a systematic way and come up with a formula that will make my work easier.     HOW TO ORGANIZE YOUR FAMILY PHOTOS There are two types of family photos: printed and digital photos. I tackled them both and I’ll share with you my formula for organizing both types.   DE-CLUTTER DIGITAL FAMILY PHOTOS In the digital age and mobile phones we don’t think twice before taking a photo so we end up with too many photos in our computer. The worse thing is that we just dump …


Inside: how to take photos to match any scrapbook or mini album and how to make sure your photos turn out the best!   I have been making scrapbook pages for a long time and lately I find myself “directing” the photo to match a scrapbook page I have envisioned in my mind.  Instead of capturing the moment I create it… that doesn’t feel right. After all the purpose of a scrapbook page is to document what’s happening right?     TAKE THE BEST PHOTOS FOR SCRAPBOOK PAGES Now a days with a camera in our phones and no film in it we take so many photos, but how many really capture the moment and the story we want to tell? How do we make sure we take good photos that document what we want but will also look good on a scrapbook page?   HOW TO TAKE PHOTOS FOR SCRAPBOOK PAGES We are not professional photographers and we don’t …

Great Photos: Top 10 Tips You Need to Know

You definitely want to pay attention to the 10 tips for great photos that I’m sharing today. It’s true that a lot of people don’t develop their photos anymore, which is very unfortunate in my mind. But Taking photos is still very popular and each of out smart phones is a living proof of that. So weather or not you develop your photos, use them in a layout or a project or just leave them on your computer you will agree with me that everyone wants their photos to look great. You still want to post them on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. and even if you just share them with your family pretty photos are better.10 Tips for Great PhotosPay attention to the background. Sometimes we are so focused on capturing the photo’s subject that we don’t notice in the background the kid picking his nose, the telephone pole, or the the cluttered living room with all the toys on …

Photography Tips – Getting Silly with it

We always take nice proper photos with a nice background or a captivating close up. We make sure they are interesting, beautiful and of course scrapbooking suitable! How about taking some funny photos? I have to say it was not my idea, it was my kids’. They took the camera and started having fun by putting a plastic bag over my head and taking pictures. It was really funny and I played along! I also created a whimsical, fun and colorful layout   If scrapbooking is all about telling stories about our daily lives what better way to capture all those family precious moments with funny, goofy and silly photos. They can show that hidden wild side in dad, all the funny things your son likes to do or even or even bring out the inner child in grandma. So try to have fun with your photos and get silly with it! Have fun creating!Einat

Photography tips – take a picture of yourself

Sometimes you want to remember a special event or day by having a photo of you in it and there is no one around to take your photo. Sometimes there are plenty of people who can take your photo you just don’t want to give them your camera, and sometimes you just want to be goofy and take funny photos. What do you do? You take a photo of yourself! You simply hold the camera, turn it, stretch your hands and press the button. Usually it takes more than one photo to make it right because it’s very hard to aim. These photos are really fun to scrap because they are kind of silly and the people in the photos don’t always look right, so these photos make very funny layouts. Here are a few of my examples… Try it it’s fun! Have fun creating! Einat

Photography Tips: Black and white photos

Not all of us are great photographers (especially me) and sometimes we get imperfect photos, just like the one I used in this LO. It’s grainy and a little blurry but I wanted to use it in a Lo because I really like it. My solution to this problem was not to use it in its original colors but to turn it into black and white. This solution softened the imperfections without losing the essence of the photo. If you want to turn a photo to black and white you can use Photoshop or any free program online that offers photo editing options. Working with black and white photos allows you to use more vibrant colors in a LO that would not clash with a colorful photo and create noisier backgrounds. In this LO I used a resist paper that has a printed pattern that is for resist techniques like misting.  A few challenges: Scrap fit #27: Fussy cutting Sketchabilities #70 …

Photography tips – Back side

Photographs are magical because we capture moments in time. Moments that will never happen again in the same way. The best way to capture such a moment is to take the picture when your subject is unaware you’re taking it. To achieve that you either have to be invisible or, if you can’t manage that, take the picture from behind! Some of my best photographs are those of my kids when I photographed them from behind where they couldn’t see me. To take photos from behind here are a few tips: 1. Wait until you see your subject do something interesting, go behind them and take a picture with their back to you. 2. Back side photos work best when kids watch TV, play on their computer, run ahead of you or look at something. In all these situations they probably won’t pay attention to you and you can sneak behind them. 3. Photos taken from behind are especially interesting …

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