inside: why foam stamps are the best for your mixed media projects   For years I’ve been looking for stamps to include in my mixed media projects but all the stamps that I found only worked with ink. I wanted to stamp images on the background and as focal points on my art journal pages and canvases with acrylic paints and not ink. However the types of stamps available on the market didn’t work with acrylic paints. But then I found foam stamps and my life changed!     WHAT ARE FOAM STAMPS Foam stamps are an interesting alternative to traditional rubber stamps. As the name suggests they are formed from foam and not from rubber or acrylic. They are durable, bold foam stamps designed for use on many surfaces. They can be used with acrylic paints, inks and glazes. You may know foam stamps from kids crafts but today these stamps have evolved into much more versatile and accurate …

Give Yourself Time Art Journal Page

Hi dear crafty friends! I haven’t shared an art journal page in awhile so today I’m happy to share my Give Yourself Time Art Journal Page. Some pages take time to create but some pages like this just make themselves 🙂     Give Yourself Time Art Journal Page The creative process for this page was easy. I wanted to create a page with a woman’s image on it. So I started with adding two colors of acrylic paints to the page. Next I took a white piece of watercolor paper and started adding layers of paint, stenciling and stamps. When I was happy with the result I cut out an image of a woman. I drew her by hand and didn’t care that she wasn’t perfect. Aren’t we all?…         I cut the image in two pieces and added them to the page. Then I started adding stamping doodling and some more paints. I also wrote …

ATC Cards with a Twist

Hi dear crafty friends! Today I want to share my new ATC Cards with a Twist. Why a twist? because of the stamps I used on them. These are quirky, whimsical and different stamps I got from Stampotique. I really like their designs so I had to create another project in addition to the art journal page I created last week.     ATC Cards with a Twist Atc’s or Artist Trading Cards are small cards created in different style and design in the purpose to trade them. It’s really fun and if you really get in to it you have a collection of little pieces of art from artists around the world in different styles and looks. I always create a series of atc’s with the same design elements and colors.             I started with adding texture to the background with stencils and modeling paste. Then I painted the cards with metallic paints. To …

What if I Fall Art Journal Page

Hi dear crafty friends Today I want to share my What if I Fall Art Journal Page.This page is a little different than usual in its look and process. I got these new stamps from a friend and just had to try them… this is what came out.     What if I Fall Art Journal Page Sometimes I start an art journal page from something I want to say like a sentiment or a quote. But sometimes I want to try a new fun supply that I got. In this case I got these cool stamps I just had to try. So I created the background first without really knowing how it will proceed.       I created “hills” with masking tape and then added lots of spraying. Then I stamped my page with these two funky looking girls and started adding details and color. Finally I added one of my favorite quotes that was really appropriate to …

How to Art Journal with Stamps?

I love using stamps in my art journal pages. I use them for backgrounds, accents and even focal points. So today I’m sharing my tips for How to Art Journal with Stamps? It doesn’t matter what stamps you have they can all be used in your art journal.  How to Art Journal with Stamps?First I started with the background. I wanted it to be as colorful as possible so I used different types of stencils with different colors of acrylic paints. I tried to use small pattern stencils so the pattern will be visible later when I’ll cover the page with paint.  The next step was to draw the drops shapes and paint around them with acrylic paints. This is the point when you need to decide the theme of your page. I wanted to do a page about rain so I drew the rain drops and they were the only part of the background that was not painted over. This is …

How Many Combinations Can You Create with Foam-binations?

Welcome to day 5 of the Foam-binations launch! Today I have a question for you How Many Combinations Can You Create with Foam-binations? Other than being amazing with acrylic paints and incredible with other mediums the idea of these stamps is being interchangeable. You can create your combinations of stamps and customize any project. Do you know how many combinations you can make?  How Many Combinations Can You Create with Foam-binations?I asked myself that question and started experimenting. Stamping and combining was really fun but after awhile my head started to spin. But it was a good kind of spinning because I realized that there are so many combinations! Finally I had to call my dad who is a math wiz to help me work this out Lol!So here are the results:One set will give you 4 different combinations.Two sets (Cogwheel Words and Flower Clock) will give you 14 combinations.BUTAll three sets will give you 39 different combinations!!  BUT WAIT that’s just …

Exploring Einat Kessler Foam-binations and Other Mediums

Welcome to Day 4 of the special Foam-binations launch! Today we’ll start Exploring Einat Kessler Foam-binations and Other Mediums. Foam-binations stamps are perfect for acrylic paints but you’re probably curious if you can use them with other mediums. Yes, you can! The high quality foam is compatible with lots of mediums that you use with rubber or acrylic stamps. BUT it will also work with mediums that will NOT work with rubber or acrylic stamps. Making the Foam-binations much more versatile!  Exploring Einat Kessler Foam-binations and Other MediumsDistress InksUsually it’s very hard to stamp with distress inks especially with acrylic or rubber stamps. Their designs are too delicate to pick up any color. Foam-binations are perfect for that! You can apply the distress ink on the stamp and print. You can even print in layers of distress inks to enhance the effect.WaterFoam-binations can use water for printing! Wet them with water and stamp on Distress ink for a really cool resist …

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