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My Graphic 45 October Projects


My Graphic 45 October Projects are here! This month I surprised myself a little because one of the projects I created is not really my style. The other project is totally up my alley but not so much. Confused? So am I... this was a great month in terms of projects because I managed to step outside my comfort zone and that's always a good thing!

My Graphic 45 October Projects

The first project we had to do was a pop-up project. Just the project for me right? I love making pop-up projects. I actually think they got the idea to make …

Stamp Carving Tutorial


Remember the Carving Your Own Stamps post? Now it's time to for the full step by step Stamp Carving Tutorial. If you're still in doubt I suggest reading the first post on stamp carving. If that will not convince you to give it a try then nothing will. It's affordable, easy and the possibilities are endless. 

Stamp Carving Tutorial
The first step is to decide what kind of stamp you want. There are two options: draw your own design or transfer a printed design. ***A very important thing to remember about printed images. If you print an image from the internet it …

Scary 31st Halloween Mini Album


I just couldn't resist creating an interactive mini album for Halloween... It's called: Scary 31st Halloween Mini Album. I think you'll agree that Halloween is the perfect time for an interactive mini album. After all all those pockets, flaps and hidden tags are just like a spellbook or a witch's secret diary or something. You never know what's coming and each page is a surprise.


Scary 31st Halloween Mini Album
This Scary 31st Halloween Mini Album is full of interactive surprises like this. I got so carried away I don't even remember all of them So this mini album holds a few surprises …