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5 Ways to Create AMAZING layouts

Hi dear crafty friends! Today i want to share my 5 Ways to Create AMAZING layouts. Sometimes it seems like we create the same layouts over and over again. They all look the same or at least similar and that can be kind of boring. Today I want to share with you 5 ways to change that and create fun, beautiful and unique pages.



5 Ways to Create AMAZING layouts

Use canvas

Instead of a paper background use a canvas page. You can find them in different colors and even printed ones. Even if you use the same photos or embellishments your layout will look completely different on a canvas.












Design your paper

Use any graphic software or scanner to design your own images and backgrounds. Combine them all on a paper and print it at home or at the local office supplies store. A paper of your design is not only unique but it's one of a kind and only you have it!












Create a layout on lace paper

Lace paper is a paper that has a pattern, like the stars on my layout, that are attached to each other leaving empty spaces in between the shapes. Your layout will get a totally cool look with a paper like that.












Use hardware supplies

Create your background from a wire and thread photos and embellishments on it. Tie ribbons or thread beads and use the wire as a 3d surface.












Go interactive

Add interactive mechanisms to your layout. Flaps, pockets or other moving parts will take your page to the next level.

Try one or all of the 5 Ways to Create AMAZING layouts to upgrade your scrapbooking experience. These tips can work on mini albums and even cards so give them a try!












Share in the comments which way is your favorite

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Have fun creating!

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