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Monday, August 15th, 2011
How to use your scraps tutorial – FaveCraft Blog Hop

It’s time to go hopping again! Today all my designer friends at FaveCraft are posting about a project finished on the 15th. This time I want to share with you my Free Spirit layout and an easy fun technique to use your scraps or better yet your wrappings. In this age of recycling, some of the companies are creating wrappings that we can use as embellishments or paper in our projects. This way instead of throwing the wrapping away, we can use it in our project and help make the environment cleaner. In my layout I used a prima small stamp wrapping as an accent. The bright turquoise color complements the other colors on the layout and the scalloped edges add dimension and interest. The scalloped edges were originally part of the wrapping, so I didn’t have to change it. It even had cute birds on it that were just right for the a layout theme. Try to think of …

Friday, August 12th, 2011
101 Flowers Tutorial #6: Button Flowers

I love buttons. They add a soft, homey gentle touch to every layout as well as texture and interesting dimension. There is another special reason I like to use buttons in my creations. They were a gift, a gift from my late grandmother. My grandmother used to love her sewing and she had a huge button collection. It was all organized in small boxes according to color, shape and size. After she passed away my dad and aunt went through her things and found her buttons collection. Knowing me, they knew I would want to have that collection and they gave it to me. Ever since then I know that whenever I use a button from her collection she’s up there smiling. So, in honor of my grandma’s collection today’s flower tutorial is all about buttons. All you need to make all these flowers are different shapes, sizes and colors of flowers: 1. Use two flowered shaped buttons on top …

Monday, August 8th, 2011
Summer cards contest

All this sunshine inspired me to add to the heat and challenge you to a summer contest. The rules are really simple: 1. Create a card with a summer theme. It can be for any occasion but it has to have a summer feel to it. 2. Post about it on your blog. 3. Add your card to the contest to the link at the end of the post. Here is mine, a sunflower card I made for my mom for the Jewish New Year. The contest will continue through out the week. I’ll post the winner next Friday. The winner will win a surprise goodie bag! I can tell you it will have ribbons, flowers, stamps, ink, rub-ons, stickers and many more surprises!! It will be a really good goodie bag. Here is a little peek. Einat

Friday, August 5th, 2011
A sunny picnic – 3 part technique corner (How to make grass, tree and landscape?)

Picnic is one of my favorite things to do. Eat, play and have fun outdoors, in the shinning sun, in the gentle wind and the tall beautiful trees. Every time we go out on a picnic we discover something new to do. This time we found a green field with wheat up to our waste and a yellow flower field next to it. A perfect spot for some photos, don’t you think? This is a DT layout for My Punch which has three different techniques: How to create grass? For this technique all you need is a green wide ribbon. Pleat the ribbon and adhere it to your layout (if you want to create the landscape don’t adhere it yet). The pleats create movement like the moving grass. How to create a tree? To create a tree use scraps of brown and green card stock. Cut a tree trunk with three branches and ink the edges. Then cut three green …

Monday, August 1st, 2011
Quilling – not just on cards

I have a really good friend who likes crafts and art. We always give each other handmade gifts and it’s a big problem for me figuring out what to give her. In the past I have made for her mini albums, frames, a magnet board and other home décor pieces but this time I was stuck. I finally decided to try something new. I love quilling, I like to embellish my cards with it and even my layouts, but I wanted to see if I can embellish a box with it.  First, I covered a wooden box with two coats of acrylic paint. Then I created my quilling shapes and adhered them to the box. My main problem was how to make sure that the quilling shapes would last. A box is something that is displayed and needs to be cleaned, and quilled shapes are very gentile. My solution was liquid lacquer spray. I sprayed the box with the quilling on …

Friday, July 29th, 2011
Technique Corner: how to create splashes

It’s summer time! Hot, hot, hot, it’s time for some water fun! You probably have a lot of photos of your kids playing on the beach, swimming in the pool or just having fun with the water hose on the corner. Here is a simple technique I used on a DT layout I created for My Punch to help you make your summer layouts really cool! All you need to do to create these splashes are thin straps of paper. Curl each strap and insert under your photo to create the illusion of splashing water. You can also cut the edges of a piece of paper and create curled straps. How easy is that?! Have a cool summer! Einat

Monday, July 25th, 2011
Clock canvas

I recently taught a really great workshop at My Punch. We created a clock canvas which was not only useful but filled with embellishments and techniques. We colored the canvas, learned different ways to work with masks and stamps; we misted and even made our own embellishments. I love creating projects that are not just beautiful but useful! Einat

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