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Explore, Adventure, Discover Canvas Tutorial

Hi dear crafty friends!

Today I want to share with you my new creation Explore, Adventure, Discover Canvas Tutorial. This mixed media canvas was inspired by the Explore, Arrows challenge on More Than Words blog. But instead of just creating a canvas I'm also treating you to a tutorial on how I made it.


Explore, Adventure, Discover Canvas Tutorial

The words Explore and the arrows motif gave me the idea of creating a landscape with an arrow sign pointing in different directions. But instead of pointing to a destination the arrows point to words.

The first step is to find textures to add to your canvas. I used lace, gauze and a drier sheet. I glued them to the canvas and also added different size stones. The texture is supposed to be the ground and the rest of the canvas will be the sky.



The next step was to start adding color.  I used sprays as the first layer of color. As you can see the color is not very visible so I had to spray a few times. I wanted to protect the top part of the canvas from the sprays so I covered it with a wipe. When I sprayed the top part of the canvas I covered the bottom part.



Next I added acrylic paints to boost the colors more. I used different shades of brown and green to create my landscape and blues for the sky.



To complete my canvas I added flowers and some sisal and paper houses. I made the sign from a skewer and chipboard pieces which I wrote on with black pen.



If you use a larger canvas you can add more houses or even a tree or a path to create more interest. The small details make all the difference so add clouds to the sky, like I did or even birds. Use different size of flowers and maybe grass.




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Have fun creating!

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