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When Do You Need to Replace Your Supplies

Did you know that art supplies have an expiration date? But When Do You Need to Replace Your Supplies. Most of the art supplies last for years but even they finally expire and need replacing. Some of the signs are obvious but some are might be more difficult to notice so here is my guide on When Do You Need to Replace Your Supplies.



When Do You Need to Replace Your Supplies

Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paints can develop mold or more commonly dry out. In the case of acrylic paints you get what you pay for. The danger of the paint drying out is greater if your paint is not in good quality. Try to buy the artist grade paints and not the student or kids paints. the process starts when the pigment becomes separated from the binding material and then the drying is accelerated. You need to use your paints within a short time of buying them or shake to mix them every few days to delay the drying process.

Shelf life: 2-5 years


Water colors can also dry and the pigment separates from the binding agent. However that depends if you're using watercolor in a tube or in a palette. The separation I mentioned is more common in tubes when you feel they've become really hard. The dryer you keep your watercolors the more they will survive.

Shelf life: 2-3 years

Colored Pencils

Usually pencils don't go bad unless you drop them. If the lead on the inside of the pencil is broken, which is what happens when you drop them, when you'll try to sharpen then they'll break. Because of the wood casing the lead is invisible and you can't see if it's broken or not. So basically if you won't drop them they can last forever.

Shelf life: depends if you drop them or not


Sprays usually don't go bad but the bottle usually does. Frequently the bottle's nozzle clogs and you can't spray anymore. The best way to fix that is to have a few extra nozzles so you can replace the ones which don't work instead of replacing the entire spray.

Shelf life: depends on the bottle

Take care of your supplies because they'll live longer!  And you won't need to wonder When Do You Need to Replace Your Supplies.

Do you have any tips on how to store your supplies?

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