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Scrapbooking Tips: Adding People Backs’ Photos

Hi dear crafty friends!

Today I'm sharing on Scrapbooking Tips: Adding People Backs' Photos. Usually we take photos of people when we see their faces but I also like to take photos when people have their back turned. It's different, it's unusual and it brings an interesting dimension to the page. Here's how I do it...



Scrapbooking Tips: Adding People Backs' Photos

First let me say that taking photos of people's backs is not only fun but it can even be better. Why? because this way people are in their natural state and not posing for the camera. They don't even notice that you're taking their photo so their behavior is free and real. You get the best photos this way.



When I create a page with these photos I go through my design process like I always do. I try to leave the photo the center of my page and not make the page too busy. I want the photo to be the focal point of the page and not what's around it.




Try and take a few photos like this and you'll see the results yourself. I think you might find it to be even better than the regular photos... 

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