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Scrapbooking Tips: Using Wet Mediums

Today on Scrapbooking Tips: Using Wet Mediums. In continuation to the last scrapbooking tips post I want to continue exploring how to combine mixed media techniques on a layout.



Scrapbooking Tips: Using Wet Mediums

Lots of the mediums or materials used in mixed media are wet. Wet means they come in a liquid form with a variety of consistencies. Mediums like gesso, modeling paste, sprays or paints. The main question is how to add them to your page without making the paper curl, tare or damaged.

There are two methods of operation:

1. Cover the entire page with clear gesso before start working. The clear gesso creates a buffer between the paper and the wet mediums without covering the pattern of the paper. This technique is good if you're going to work with lots of wet mediums. 



2. The second way is to work directly on the page. That method is good if you don't put a lot of wet mediums on the page. This is what I did on this page. I sprayed it lightly with spray paints and stamped some tp rolls with acrylic paint. The page might curl a little but if you put it under something heavy it will straighten itself.

The most important thing to remember when using wet mediums on a layout is to use a heavy cardstock and not overload the paper. If you want to use a lot of wet mediums and covering the paper with gesso is not enough use a thin chipboard instead. I hope the Scrapbooking Tips: Using Wet Mediums episode was helpful and that you'll give it a try.

What wet medium would you use on your page?

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