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Tuesday, October 17th, 2017
Tonight is Halloween New 6×6 Printable Paper collection

Hi dear crafty friends! Today I’m so proud to share the Tonight is Halloween New 6×6 Printable Paper collection that I designed from start to finish. I found out I really like designing papers. To take different elements and build the backgrounds and details on each page. Find out how you can get it too…for FREE!     Tonight is Halloween New 6×6 Printable Paper collection This paper collection is completely downloadable and unlike store bought paper collections it’s unlimited. You can have as many pages as you want! Just download the collection and print it on your home printer or you can save it on a flash drive and print it in an office supplies shop. The best paper to use when printing is a white thick printer’s paper or cardstock. If you’re worried about the amount of ink you’ll be using let me say that it will still be considerably much less than if you had to buy …

Monday, July 11th, 2011
Receiving the Torah

I wanted to create a LO with this photos for a long time, but I waited for the right kind of inspiration. I finally got it. These are photos of my son’s receiving the Torah ceremony at school. It’s my first DT layout for ScraPerfect. I used a paper of my own design with a Tallit (a Jewish prayer cloth) on it. I found Torah images on line and printed them. I then printed my journaling on a piece of vellum. I used the Perfect Printing Pouch to make sure that the printing will be crisp and to prevent the ink from bleeding. Next, I created the title from inked and embossed chipboard letters. The letter “O” was replaced by a Star of David I created from wire and used my Embellie Gellie to pick up the beads more easily and insert them into the wire. Lastly, I adhered the photos, Torah images and title then added a ribbon and …

Friday, March 11th, 2011
Technique Corner – Creative Title

This layout is a collage of my boys. There are a few photos of each of my boys, from when they were babies up to (almost) now. I wanted to give this layout a feeling of time passing by, so I used a paper from the TIME collection that I designed. The paper has the word time on it and a pattern of clocks. I stamped a few cog wheels and added word accents with time phrases on them. I wanted the title to reflect the theme of the layout so I used a technique called themed title. This idea of this technique is to create a title that will not just be a word related to the subject of the layout, but the design of the title itself would be created with materials, images and embellishments related to the overall theme. Since the theme of my layout was time, I spelled the word flies from clock parts just below the word time. Here …

Monday, January 24th, 2011
My wedding scrapbook…the beginning

There is a saying in Hebrew: “the shoemaker walks without shoes”. Well…it’s also the case with scrapbook designers! I don’t have a designed, beautiful wedding album! After 15 years of marriage I decided to change that and start working on it. That decision was about a year ago and I haven’t made a lot of progress. I only made a few layouts and I still have many more. This layout is one of the few I did and it is designed with a patterned paper from the Einat Kessler’s collection. This paper has combinations of letters from the Kabala that are believed to bring different blessings. See you next time at CHA! Einat

Monday, October 25th, 2010
R we moving?

That was the question my son asked me when he saw all the boxes everywhere. A few years back, we lived in Kenya for a few years and when it was time to leave we packed the house in soooo many boxes I was afraid they would not fit in the container. As it turned out every box found its place in the container and luckily they even managed to close the doors. For this layout I created a special paper with my son’s drawings. He drew a house and a tree and I thought it would make the most adorable pattern for a paper on moving. I created the boxes from corrugated cardboard I cut from real boxes and I embellished the page with two types of masking tape.

Monday, October 4th, 2010

The past month was the first month of the Jewish year. A time for reflecting, doing some soul searching and count one’s blessings. One of my life’s mottos is that there are no coincidences in life, everything happens for a reason. My life’s journey up until now has led me through valleys and mountains, it wasn’t always easy but it was worth it! I am definitely blessed. Blessed with a husband I love, children I adore and a job I enjoy. This layout represents all of those blessings. The layout is designed on a patterned paper I designed. It has worm colors and a big “Hamsa” in the center of the paper. The Hamsa is a symbol of prosperity and good luck.

Thursday, June 17th, 2010
Don't you think it's too hot?

I think the last few days were too hot. I decided to do a layout that will cool me down a little bit: “winter at the beach”. This is a layout with my son’s photos from a trip he went to with his kindergarten. They went on a trip to the beach in the middle of the winter; they collected sea shells and played in the sand. I had these photos for a while; but I could get inspired to create a LO with them. I got my inspiration when I designed my own paper. This paper is part of my “KIDS line”. All the papers were designed with real children’s’ drawings, my children. The rainbow in the clouds drawing was just the right one for this LO. It had a feel of winter and summer all together, gray skies with shining sun…winter at the Beach. A few challenges:twisted Sketches #054– boldThe ABC challenge – W is for weatherStampin’ Royalty …