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What do you do when there is almost nothing left?

That is the question I recently had to deal with. It was time for me to create another project for Kiki Art DT, but all my supplies were almost finished. I was left with mostly pink papers; I can’t really use with my boys’ photos, some scraps and the large chipboard puzzle shapes. What can I create with that? I put it all on my desk, looked at them, hoping an idea will come. And then it came…a great idea! Why not create a mini album from the puzzle shapes? I thought to myself…I love these fun pieces…and then it hit me, another idea, I would make a mini album titled: “The pieces of my heart” a very appropriate name for a mini album created from puzzle pieces.

I took two puzzle shapes and glued a paper on them to form the pages. In the middle of the album, I decided to have a little surprise and kept two small pages separate. Then I added photos of my family, who are…the pieces of my heart. To have nice clean edges I sanded all the pages slightly. I embellished the pages with hearts and sentiments.

I wrote a little poem on the second page:

“The pieces of my heart
Never stray too far apart
Always here close together
Keep my love strong forever!”

It just goes to show that even with only a few materials, you can create something!


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