101 Flower Tutorial #12: mix and match

Flowers and Valentine’s Day definitely go together! So this flower tutorial is all about upgrading your Valentine’s Day flowers. The principal for upgrading any flower is mix and match different materials and adding layers and dimension. I found that using different materials to create one flower is a good way to make sure it comes out special and unique. This flower is made from metal, tulle, paper and felt.

Here is how it’s done:

1.       Create a 6 petals flower shape from a piece of metal wire.
2.       Give it a little dimension by folding back the petals. Add a decorative button in the center.
3.       Add a few layers of tulle. 9i didn’t like the button in the center with the pink tulle so I changed it.
4.       Adhere the flower to a white felt flower.
5.       Add a dark pink paper flower as the final bottom layer.
You can create this type of flower from any combination of materials. Dive into your stash and find hidden treasures, mix and match them and the results will be beautiful!

Have fun creating!


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