Flowery layout…for boys!

I often hear that designing layout for boys is less fun, because you can’t use flowers. “It’s too girly” is the popular sentence I hear in most cases. Well, I want to say WRONG! It’s not true! You can and should use as many flowers as you want on boys and men layouts. Here is one example for such a layout that I did as a DT layout for My Punch. Just so you will not think it is a onetime deal, here are some more examples:Mom I’m boredHoliday WhiteDon’t be scared! Try making a flowery layout for your guy/s. Just before we part I have an exciting announcement! On April, both I and my blog celebrate our birthday, so in honor of these important occasions I will have a mega giveaway, full of goodies and surprises!! Want to know more? Tune in on Friday. Einat

1 sheet of paper tutorial: "Cute" flap mini album

Hello my friends! I got so many amazing responses on the first 1 sheet of paper tutorial; I decided to make it a monthly tutorial! That means each month I will teach you to make a different project using only one sheet of paper. I did this mini album as a DT project for My Punch kit of the month club. I only took pictures of the finished album, so for the tutorial I used plain white paper just to show the process. For the “Cute” mini album you will need: 1 sheet of double sided cardstockBind It All 1. Cut four 4″ by 8″ rectangles. You can fit 4 rectangles on one page if you cut three of them horizontally and one vertically. 2. Cut one rectangle in half, so you will have two 4″ by 4″ squares. 3. Make two fold lines on one rectangle: the first on the 2″ line and the second on the 6″ line. …

Treasure box – a different kind of a printers' tray

Printers’ trays are in fashion today, everyone has one, made one or got one as a present. I wanted one too, an open treasure box with the photos of thoe I love. But instead of buying a printer’s tray from 7 Gypsies or Tim Holtz I decided to use an old wooden tea bag box I had. I painted it with acrylic paint and after it was dry I could add my photos and embellishments. I wanted to make it as low cost as possible so I added handmade embellishments like the flowers, punched border and flags I created from paper and wire. I also added a few embellishments I found at the Dollar store. After it was finished I decided that it turned out so nice I should make a few more and give them as Passover presents to my family. A beautiful personal treasure box. Try to use items you have in your house to create beautiful projects or presents that …

Wedding layout – Designer Craft Connection

It’s wedding day at the Designer Craft Connection! Welcome to all of you hoppers. Today’s blog hop is all about weddings. Each designer is showing a creation related to wedding and there are some beautiful projects and ideas for you. As a paper and scrapbook designer I decided to share with you a layout I did for my wedding album. I have been married for 15 years but until now I didn’t have a wedding album. I know..it’s a shame! This layout was done as a DT project for My Punch and I was asked to use only a few materials to show a wedding layout that will not be too expensive. For this layout I used only one sheet of patterned paper, three paper flowers and 12 inches of lace ribbon. All the other embellishments were handmade from paper scraps! Swirls: I cut the swirls from paper, stamped them and add a line around the edges with a black …

Technique Corner – Creative Title

This layout is a collage of my boys. There are a few photos of each of my boys, from when they were babies up to (almost) now. I wanted to give this layout a feeling of time passing by, so I used a paper from the TIME collection that I designed. The paper has the word time on it and a pattern of clocks. I stamped a few cog wheels and added word accents with time phrases on them. I wanted the title to reflect the theme of the layout so I used a technique called themed title. This idea of this technique is to create a title that will not just be a word related to the subject of the layout, but the design of the title itself would be created with materials, images and embellishments related to the overall theme. Since the theme of my layout was time, I spelled the word flies from clock parts just below the word time. Here …

Decorative tote – International Women's Day

In honor of the International Women’s Day celebrated tomorrow, March 8th I decided to treat myself to a present. I had a small tote full of tools and other stuff; it looked green, boring and kind of sad standing on my desk, So, I gave it a makeover! I took all kinds of flowers I had and glued them to the tote with a hot glue gun, added my name and it was done! Now it’s really fun using it and every time I look at it I smile. You might say I’m crazy but every now and then from the corner of my eye it seems like the tote is smiling too… A few facts on International Women’s Day: International Women’s Day has been observed since in the early 1900’s. Great unrest and critical debate was occurring amongst women. Women’s oppression and inequality was spurring women to become more vocal and active in campaigning for change. Then in 1908, 15,000 …

Ins(Paper)ation – Creation Journal Project

The process of inspiration is very mysterious to me. Whenever I try to discover where I get my inspiration I find out it never comes from one place and it always a collection of circumstances, images and experiences. Take the next project for example. I wanted for some time to create a Creation Journal for myself, a journal to write all my creative and thoughts and ideas. The only problem was I never got the inspiration to create it or the idea of how I wanted it to look. Then a chain of events started:first, I took this photo of a Wagtail (I love this bird), Then I got the chance to work with the Noteworthy Trees fabulous paper by Magenta and the new cork self adhesive Birds & Branches stickers. Suddenly it was there, an idea for my Creation Journal! I first covered an old notebook with the patterned paper. Then I added texture and embellishments. I started with applying …

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