Wet canvas

I love taking pictures of all the fun we have together as a family and I love taking the photos and designing layouts. The only problem with that is that if I want to see the layouts and the photos I have to take a scrapbook, open it, sit down and browse through it. I do that, all the time, but I wanted the photos to be visible so whenever I lift up my eyes I can see them. So…what a better way to make your photos visible than a canvas? I found some cute pool photos from a few years ago and I made a fast cute summer canvas. Now there is a new problem…these photos make me want to jump in a pool 🙂 Einat

Single sheet of paper: three cards

It’s that time again! The time for another great “one sheet of paper” tutorial. This month I had to go to a few events and I made a few cards. That led me to think…how can I make beautiful cards and still save up my supplies. Well, the answer is to use one sheet of paper to design three different cards and the leftovers to create the embellishments. You will need: 1 sheet of double sided cardstock. A few embellishments like ribbon and buttons Cut a 12″ by 8″ rectangle. Cut it to three rectangles 4″ by 8″ each. Card #1: window card 1. Take one rectangle. Fold on the 2″ line and on the 6″ line to create two flaps that open outward. 2. Add a lace ribbon around the card. 3. Create a border from the remaining cardstock. 4. Add a spiral flower. You can find the instruction for the flower on the 101 Flower tutorial: spiral flower. …

Technique corner: pleats

One of my favorite things is to discover new ways to use familiar materials. Whenever I design a project I try to find new techniques for materials I have used before, like the technique I want to share with you today. We all know how to create pleats from ribbon or paper, but what about pleats from a border sticker? Why cut strips of paper and then try to adhere them in pleats, or crease a ribbon and try to make it stick to your surface? Take a border sticker that is basically a readymade strip of paper with adhesive and pleat it anyway you want! You can even cut the thin strip that is left after taking off the sticker and use it as well! Here is the complete LO with this fun easy technique! You are right; it’s the Surfing LO I shared with you on Monday. It’s a technique packed LO! Try and find new ways to …

Ins(paper)ation: Vintage

“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” Jack London I love sharing with you my winding roads of inspiration. It is not always so easy to explain or to find out how I came up with a certain design. However, this design was not really a big surprise if you consider my recent “adventures”. For the past week and a half my house is under renovations. When it started everyone thought we were crazy staying in the house while works are going on, after two days I realized they were right. My two boys and I moved temporarily to my mom’s. My brave husband stayed behind to make sure everything is going well. My mom is a big fan of antiques, her house is beautifully arranged and adorned with all kinds of vintage art and embellishments. I love the atmosphere in her house and naturally it inspired me to create a layout with …

Red, White and Blue layout: Designers Craft Connection

It’s time for another Designers Craft Connection blog hop with a lot of fun and inspiration. This month’s theme is “PATRIOTIC”, just in time for the American 4th of July. I created a festive, fun layout celebrating the theme and included a few surprises in it. The layout is designed on a stars blue lace paper that really sets the mood. To add to the fun I embellished the LO with a handmade pinwheel and a flag. To complete the look, I added small flags hanging from a string.The title is made from different Red, White and Blue letters. The “I” is a chipboard letter I colored as the American flag. If you want to see more beautiful creations and get some great inspiration just keep hopping by clicking on the Designers Craft Connection button on the right side of my blog. See you next time Einat

Technique corner: "message in a bottle"

After sharing with you the canvas I made at Tracie Hudson’s workshop, many of you had questions about the different techniques on it. One of my favorite techniques is adding a sentiment or a word as a message in a bottle. To create this effect all you need is a small glass bottle or a tube that has a lid. 1. Write your message on a piece of paper that will fit inside the bottle. You can also use a sticker in the same size. 2. Attach a square of foam tape to the back of your word and insert it into the bottle. Press gently so it will stick to the inside of the bottle. Close the lid. 3. Attach the bottle to your layout or project. Add a special touch to your project by creating your own message in a bottle. Einat

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