Technique Corner: My guys, a loving LO

A special tribute Lo I made for my three guys from My Punch’s monthly kit. There are a few fun and easy techniques in the layout: Puzzle pieces with rub-ons 1. Adhere the puzzle pieces with a little temporary adhesive to a piece of paper to keep them from moving. 2. Add the rub-on on to the puzzle pieces. 3. Gently cut the rub-on along the edges of the puzzle pieces. 4. Remove the temporary adhesive and attach the puzzle pieces to the LO. Waves of music 1. Draw “music” lines with a pencil. 2. Add different sizes of rhinestones on the lines. Hope you liked it! Have fun creating! Einat

101 Flowers Tutorial #8: Beads in the center!

Hello friends! It’s time for another easy, fun, pretty flower tutorial. This time we’ll give some lovin’ to the flower center and create a really fancy center from beads: 1. Punch 3 flowers. The shape or size doesn’t matter. 2. Ink the edges and give them a 3D shape. 3. Thread small beads on a piece of thin wire. The length of the wire depends on the size of the flower you punched. The bigger the flower the longer the wire. I used 2″ flowers with approximately 3/4″ piece of wire. 4. Decide which flower you want to be on top and insert the edges of the wires through the center of the flower. Make sure the wires stay in their place by adhering the edges with a little scotch tape on the back side of the paper flower. 5. Twist the wires to give them the desired shape. 6. Attach the other two flowers to create a 3D flower. …

Technique Corner: maximize your products: part 2 – create a magical LO!

Last time I shared with you how to “stretch” your products and how to use existing embellishments to create even more embellishments. Today I want to share how to stretch your paper. How to take a pattern paper and use its pattern to create a LO. I used a paper from the lost and found collection by My Mind’s Eye. I got the inspiration from the paper itself. When I saw the squares on the paper I immediately thought to use them as frames. However, there were only two squares and I wanted to use three photos. So I took a tag from the same collection and cut out the frame. This way I had another frame and I could also use the tag for a different LO. Then I cut out the inner part of the frames, creating a hole in the paper. I adhered the photos to the paper from its backside, so the frame will have a …

Technique Corner: maximize the products you have: part 1

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to do something on your LO but didn’t have enough supplies or the right products for it? This is what happened to me when I designed this month’s Kit for My Punch. I found a really cute photo of my sun having fun on the grass. A great photo like that needed an equally great LO with fun embellishments like flags and flowers. The flowers were not a problem I cut them from a pattern paper that was on the kit. But I got stuck with the flags: I wanted six, but only had three. I had the Lost & Found stickers, which are so beautiful, but have only three flags and one tag. So I decided to transform them into six flags by cutting them. Try to maximize your supplies and stretch them as far as you can! Einat

Technique Corner: Hanging

I wanted to share with you a great technique that would make your LO’s interesting and fun. Creating a LO with hanging embellishments or photos gives your page movement and flow. It is very easy to create hanging elements and give you’re LO that extra something. Here is how it works: 1. Pick the right photos or embellishments: these photos would either have to be with a hanging motif, like an omega ride or laundry hanging outside, or embellishments you want to hang in order to give them a special appearance. 2. Create a hole in the photos embellishments so you can thread a twine, ribbon or a string through them. 3. Arrange the elements in the way you would want them to hang and adhere to the page. 4. Thread the twine or ribbon gently through the holes and adhere it to the LO. You can arrange all the hanging elements in a row or diagonally, anyway you choose, …

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