Technique corner: "message in a bottle"

After sharing with you the canvas I made at Tracie Hudson’s workshop, many of you had questions about the different techniques on it. One of my favorite techniques is adding a sentiment or a word as a message in a bottle. To create this effect all you need is a small glass bottle or a tube that has a lid. 1. Write your message on a piece of paper that will fit inside the bottle. You can also use a sticker in the same size. 2. Attach a square of foam tape to the back of your word and insert it into the bottle. Press gently so it will stick to the inside of the bottle. Close the lid. 3. Attach the bottle to your layout or project. Add a special touch to your project by creating your own message in a bottle. Einat


  Inside: how to make a DIY spiral paper flower for scrapbook pages, cards and paper crafts   How many times did you need an embellishment for a project you were working on but didn’t have what you wanted? It was the wrong size, the wrong color or the wrong shape… there is nothing more annoying to stop working on a project because you don’t have what you need to finish it!     I never find myself in this situation because I make my own embellishments! I started doing that when I started scrapbooking because when I started there was simply nothing to use. The scrapbooking industry didn’t exist here and I could buy any papers or embellishments even if I wanted to… so I had to make what I needed. Since then it became kind of a personal challenge to be self sufficient when it comes to embellishments and I try to buy as little as I can …

Dear Dad card

It’s time for another Designer Crafts Connection blog hop. Every first Monday of the month will be the official hopping day, this wonderful group of designers will share with you great projects to help inspire you. The theme this month is Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Graduation! I always make cards for my mom’s birthday and mother’s day but I realized I have never made a card for my dad. I know…I’m a bad daughter . So, this year I decided to mend my ways and make a card for my dad’s birthday, which is in two weeks. This card is great for Father’s day too, or even for your grandfather or husband.  To make this card you will need: 1 card4 different kinds of sanding paper.Nuts and bolts or cog wheelsNailsBradsJournaling block or a tagEyeletsLetters 1. Cover the front of the card with torn pieces of sand paper. 2. Add your title. I used textured letters to add to …

Scrapbook (Haggadah) for Passover – part 2

Don’t be alarmed, I didn’t forget the lucky winner of the blog candy. The name of that lucky someone is posted at the end of the post. Last time we braked for a Passover dinner, now after a good meal we can continue to look at the Haggadah. These next two pages are filled with funny faces photos!                                                       A page with text only.                             A page that has photos of mother and daughters.                               Interactive pages: one with a flap that has some small photos in it. The other page has a small book that holds photos of all the members of the family.     …

A special scrapbook (Haggadah) for Passover

Today is the last day of Passover. To celebrate this holiday as well as Easter, which is just around the corner, I wanted to share with you the special gift I gave my mom: a handmade Haggadah designed in scrapbooking style. Before I tell the significance of this gift a few words on what Haggadah is. Haggadah is the “instruction manual” for properly performing the Seder, the festive meal that is the highlight of the Passover festival. Haggadah means either “telling” or “narration” in Hebrew, and this refers to the fact that the central theme of the Haggadah is to tell or narrate the story of the Hebrews’ Exodus from Egypt. The Haggadah consists of 15 steps or sections, within each step there are various rituals. The purpose of the Haggadah is to show that, like the Hebrews who listened and followed G-ds’ will for them to leave their physical, political, and spiritual slavery in Egypt to eventually attain their …

101 Flowers tutorial: Scraps flower

All of us crafters have a lot of scraps. Paper, buttons, ribbons and all kinds of materials find their way to the trash or to our leftover box. In honor of Passover, which is celebrated today I am spring cleaning my scraps and trying to reuse them for small projects. One of these projects is the #2 tutorial in the series 101 flowers. You can create flowers from many types of scraps and materials here are two ideas: You will need: a scrap of paper, 1-2 buttons, a ribbon and a piece of leftover transparency (I had a round piece). 1. Stamp the transparency to give it a pattern. 2. Adhere a button to the center. You can add another button on top of it, just to give it a little more creativity. 3. Cut any size petals from the paper scrap, and adhere to the transparency. 4. Ink the edges of the petals and curl them a little. 5. …

Designer Craft Connection – Spring/Easter project.

Spring is my favorite season! Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and everyone is busy with spring cleaning for Passover! My project this month is a layout made only from two cardstocks and a few embellishments! Materials: 2 Prima papers: Reflections collection: Reflections and Kashana.A few buttons and paper flowers. 1. Develop 3″ by 4″ photos with a spring theme. 2. Arrange them on the Reflections paper. 3. Cut flowers with leafs from Kashana paper. 4. Add paper flowers and buttons to complete the flowery springy look. 5. Punch butterflies and add to the layout. 6. Create a title from leftover paper. Don’t miss your chance to win a yummy blog candy. The month of April is my birthday month and the blog’s anniversary, so I’m giving all of you a chance to win a MEGA blog candy. 4 great giveaways, one for each week!! Click here to enter. To get more creative fun spring and Easter craft ideas …

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