13 Years o Magic

I have a few last pics to share with you from my son’s Bar-Mitzvah album. He loves to read. Everywhere we go he always brings a book to pass the time. Riding his scooter.   A beautiful boyscout. This is a pocket page with cards to write blessings. he loves Astronomy and space, so I dedicated two pages to his favorite subject. The door to my dreams is open!   Stay tune next Monday for all the tips & tricks on how I created this special album! I want to thank you all my dear friends for all your love, warm words and compliments. I told my son how much love he got from each and everyone of you, and how much you all loved his special album. He smiled his cute,little smile and said…”tell them I love them all back!” Have fun creating!Einat

13 Years of Magic – Part 4

It has been a privilige and an honor to share this special album with all of you. Your comments here and on FB have really moved me. I thank you dear friends and I hope you’ll enjoy these pages as well.This is a “Nature scene” I created by using a bandage as the soil. I added chipboard flowers which I misted and embellished with flowers and leaves. “Looking through the window” is one of my favorite pages in the album.   “Sitting on a branch” and “Frames” are both pages for writing blessing and adding words of whisdom.   Have fun creating! Einat

13 Years of Magic – part 3

Thank you all for the kind words and compliments. It really warmed my heart and made me proud. Here are some more photos from the Bar-Mitzvah album.Part of the album was pages with special places for blessingsby loved ones. For personal reasons I’m sharing with you the empty pages’ photos. Two more pages with answers to questions. “What is special about me: I love Astronomy, I’m curious, friendly and surprising. “My favorites”   Have fun creating! Einat

13 Years of Magic – Part 2

So many of you wanted to look inside the album and browse through its pages, so here it is…The first page opening the album is a special dedication that I wrote for him. In Hebrew it rhymes. Here’s the very loose translation:  This is a special albumNot just a presentIt tells your storyin a different way. I asked questions, you answeredEvery answer turned to a pageYou discovered yourself through the pagesand designed by them. And between the pagesGreetings are hiddenFrom those who love youand wish you the stars. Mom. The next two pages show him as a baby. The journaling reads: 13 years ago you arrived to the world with a smile and magic curls. The world filled with light and love. The angles were smiling and so was I.   A smile of a baby…   The journaling is an answer to the question: “What makes you smile?” He answered: “Tickles, funny movies and thing I like. Make sure …

13 Years of Magic

13 is a special age in Judaism, it marks the time when a boy becomes a man. Not in terms of getting married or going to work, but in knowing right from wrong and gaining adult privileges and responsibilities within the Jewish community. We recently celebrated our son’s Bar Mitzvah and it was emotional, exciting, happy, funny and amazing! I knew that for such a special day I would have to create a very special album. I decided to create it myself from beginning to end, cover, pages and all. I also wanted it to be different, not just childhood photos combined with congratulations from the family, but a new, original concept. So…my guidelines were: Hand made pages, cover and designNo photos – only cut out figuresOnly mixed media based scene layoutsEach congratulations start with “What I love about you is…”Album’s name: 13 years of magic Since it’s a little big and I want its moment in the spotlight to last …

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