Almost a man

I don’t know how it happened but I have a 13 year old boy. How did it happen so fast? It seems I only looked away for a minute and time flew by so quickly. I look at him now and he’s almost a man… This is a DT layout for My Punch’s Kit of the Month Club. The layout has two visible photos and a few more photos hidden in the little book. Just like my son said to me: “Mom, Some of my thoughts are private, this is how a teenage boy is!” that sentence inspired me to create a book with thoughts and photos that would only reveal its secrets when opened. Have fun creating! Einat

101 Flowers Tutorial #17: Colored rub-on

Many times rub-ons are black and sometimes you may want to add a little color. Today’s tutorial is all about how you can do just that. 1.       Cut the shape you want from the rub-on sheet. Make sure to cut it with its protective paper. 2.       Separate the rub-on from the protective sheet and turn it over. 3.       Pick a color pencil and color the empty spaces inside the black lines of the rub-on. The rub-on has a layer of adhesive even on these spaces and the color of the pencil simply colors that layer of adhesive. 4.       Apply the rub-on to your project in the usual way. The color will come off as well giving you a colorful rub-on! Here’s how it looks on a layout: Have fun creating! Einat

Rope fun

Here is another DT sketch layout for Mad About Scrapping. I really enjoyed the sketch this time because it had flags in it and recently I have a thing for flags on a scrapbook page. They add such a cheerful and happy feeling to a layout and they were perfect for the photos I had. Since my computer died on me (not to worry I already have a new one) I couldn’t develop any of my photos, so I had to look into my developed stash which was mainly old photos…or so I thought. I found these adorable photos and knew immediately they would be perfect for this sketch. I’ve used The Robin’s Nest patterned paper for the background and some scraps of paper for the flags and other bits of paper.  If you want to join the fun, create a layout according to the sketch and maybe win a prize you can go to Mad About Scrapping! Have fun …

Published on Prima

What a joy to see another one of my layouts on the prima blog. This layout is full of flowers and not just the kind that grows from the ground. This layout tells the story of two boys that just love to outdoors and watch the flowers bloom. Since I consider them to be my flowers I thought it was appropriate to combine the title with the photos. I used a fun technique on this layout. The photo seems to be embedded in the background paper because the tear in the paper goes on the photo too. The way to do that is to make a cut in the photo and insert the tearinto the photo. Cool, right? Have fun creating! Einat

Ins(paper)ation – Trees

“Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come”. Chinese Proverb My inspiration for this page was the paper itself. When I saw it I knew just the right photo to use. A photo I have been saving for a long time for the right paper. I just didn’t find the right kind of paper for it until I came across this beautiful wood print. This is another DT layout for My Punch’s Kit of the Month Club. I’ve added a transparent frame on the photo and created another “frame” from pieces of distressed papers that were placed under the photo. I’ve added the flags and buttons to insert a little bit of childish atmosphere to the layout. Don’t forget to enter your summer project to the Summer Contest!! Have fun creating! Einat

101 Flowers Tutorial #16: Duck Tape

Duck Tape? Yes, Duck Tape. In principal you can make a flower of almost any material you want, so why not duck tape? Now it comes in all kinds of colors and patterns  so it’s really fun and not expensive to work with and incorporate it in your projects. Here’s how it’s done: 1.       Cut a long strip of Duck tape. Fold it almost in half, leaving part of the tape’s sticky part exposed. 2.       Start rolling the Duck tape while wrinkling it. If the flower is not big enough you can add another strip and continue rolling and wrinkling. 3.       Add a bead, button or brad as a center. 4.       For a finishing touch add leaves. Have fun creating! Einat

You are mixed media mini album

I love paper. But sometimes it’s fun to play with other materials, like I did in this mini album. It has paper, cardboard, canvas all wrapped into one mini album with some cute and funny photos of my kids. The first page is made from corrugated cardboard. On the front I made the two colored background with a Vaseline resist technique. The other side is covered with patterned paper and torn to reveal the corrugated cardboard. The second page is a canvas with a mask background and a really fine cutting of a flower from a patterned paper. The other side is covered with paper with some funny hand writing. The next page is also canvas. The canvas side is stamped and misted. I also added some hand cut clouds. The other side is covered with paper with a handmade sun as a focal point. The last page has a mask and stamping on the canvas side and patterned paper …

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