Inside: how to alter a tin box steampunk style with the best mixed media technique   My oldest boy likes a type of chocolate that is sold in tin boxes of different shapes and sizes. I can hear you now… “knowing her, she probably keeps all of them…” and you’ll be completely right. I can’t help myself, I love boxes and I just have to keep them. My plans for these boxes are great, but most of the time they just sit on a shelf waiting for me to notice them and do something…       Altering boxes is part of a large craft genre called altered art.   ALTERED ART   Altered art is a popular form of craft where you take an existing object and change it into something else. This recycling and reusing of objects is versatile and can include almost any household item or a 3D object. Sometimes the change is dramatic, for example …


  Inside: how to make an exciting mini album with pockets for extra photo space   I always prefer pants with pockets because it’s really comfortable when you need to keep something handy like your phone. My mini albums are no different! Making mini album with pockets is not only fun and pretty it’s also very handy when you want to add more than one photo per page.     Mini album with pockets is a type of an interactive mini album that has “moving” elements in it that engages the viewer and allows for more space for photos and journaling. These elements can be pockets, flaps, windows and more.  Find out how to make 20 interactive mini album pages!   WHY MAKE MINI ALBUM POCKET PAGES   It allows you to add more than one photo to a page You can also add journaling cards, memorabilia, tickets and more. It gives your mini album a professional look. Adding pocket …

Interactive Mixed Media Layout

One of my favorite things is scrapbooking is interactive design. I love it when the viewer is part of the story of the layout and needs to find out and discover the story and be a part of it. This video tutorial is all about creating an interactive layout with opening windows. I’m using papers from one of my favorite collections of all times Timepiece by Bo Bunny. I created a brick wall on the paper with modeling paste and stencil and then added the interactive windows. I finished the layout with a few wooden embellishments and flowers. Have fun creating!Einat


  Inside: 3 easy ways to add texture to art journal pages   On my first trip to the US people there told me I have very good English and asked me if I once lived in the US or my parents came from the US. They just couldn’t believe I never lived or been to the US before. My English is good, but I still think in Hebrew and translate what I want to say to English. The same way I “translate” what I want to say to images or visual elements in my art journal. But if you want to make a page about texture how do you “translate” that?     HOW TO “TRANSLATE” MEANING TO VISUAL ELEMENTS   Art journaling is all about saying something in a visual form. Sometimes it’s easy to say what you want but sometimes it’s a little tricky.   THE MEANING   The meaning of this page is about the hurdles …

Saturday MIXTRAVAGANZA – Journal page

It’s always exciting to start a new journal book for all my ideas and inspiration. This time I’m taking you all with me and I’m sharing my creative process on video! This is the first page I created in my new journal. Creating a journal is basically a lot of fun and for me a lot of experimenting and getting my fingers dirty. I like to use different medium and materials when I create and of course always use a lot of color and texture. Join me on this video to see how I created all the effects and techniques on this page and I hope you’ll be inspired to start your own journal book. Have fun creating!Einat


  Inside: everything you need to knaow to make this romantic mixed media canvas   I have to admit I’m not a very romantic person, so when I came up with this idea for a canvas I was a little surprised with myslf. I almost never use pink colors in my art, and in my life, but this time I was inspired to be romantic all the way. It actually makes sense because mixed media is constantly pushing the boundaries and stepping out of one’s comfort zone.     WHAT IS MIXED MEDIA   Mixed media art refers to a visual art form that combines a variety of media in a single artwork. For example, if you paint with acrylic paints, then stamp over it with ink, then add some highlights in colored pencil – that’s mixed media! There are 4 essentials things you need to know about mixed media, how to start making it and how – check out …


  Inside: how to make a shadow box frame   I was 50 years old just a few months ago and I’d like to think my memory is as good as it was 20 years ago, but I’ll have to face reality…it’s not! I have to write everything down or I’ll forget it. So i write notes and I put them in my DIY shadow frame box that is also a bulletin board.       MAKE A SHADOW BOX FRAME BULLETIN BOARD If you are used to looking at a canvas as a flat surface to make art on, you better think again! A canvas has two sides… One is flat and great for art and mixed media projects, but the other side is much more intereating. The other side of a canvas is like a shade box frame waiting to be made. Since it has depth it is perfect for turning it into a shadow box. There are …

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