Inside: fun and easy doodling and simple drawings ideas to make in your art journal without any special drawing skills   For someone who doesn’t know how to draw I try to draw as much as possible because I want to practice and I like it. I’m not embarrassed by the lack of satisfaction or finesse of my drawings and I am contented with the simple and naive look they have.     DOODLING AND SIMPLE DRAWINGS   Doodling or simple drawings are sometimes ridiculed or not even considered as art. You might think whatever you want but when it comes to art journaling and making expressive pages that say what you feel I say there are no rules and you can make any art you want!   HOW TO MAKE DOODLING AND SIMPLE DRAWINGS   When you don’t know how to draw you need some tricks to help you make the doodling and simple drawings: Keep it small …

Making a Family History book Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of the series Making a Family History Book part 3. I hope you found the ideas I’ve shared so far inspiring and maybe even try a few of them. Gossip & Experiences At first glance you might think it’s inappropriate to include such things in a heritage book, but consider the fact that this book is a history book for generations to come. The experiences or gossip stories of today will be the treasured memories tomorrow. In this page, which is the opening page for the chapter about the immediate family, I added short sentences about special things we like to do together as a family.     Themed pages Themed pages are pages which are designed according to a specific subject. A page like that is a great and creative way to tell a story about a person. By creating a page about space it is easy to understand that my other son is interested …

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