Steampunk Charms Printable Paper Collection

I bet you didn’t think I design papers. Well… let me introduce Steampunk Charms Printable Paper Collection!. You know I’m a huge fan of everything steampunk so I wanted to share my passion with you. I designed the papers to fit any home printer that can print 8.5×11 or A4 papers. In this collection you get more than just papers you also get tags, quotes and images that match the design of the papers. I really like how it turned out and I hope you’ll like it too.  Steampunk Charms Printable Paper CollectionIf you were asking yourselves where and how you can get your hands on this paper collection here’s the answer. If you are a VIP Room member you get it completely free! Don’t forget since you’re printing it at home you can print as many pages as you want, change the size or even make the papers double sided. I would say That is a great reason to join the …

How Do You Come Up With Ideas

One of the questions I get asked a lot is How Do You Come Up With Ideas. This question is not easy to answer because the inspiration process is very confusing. Most of it goes on in my brain and I have no idea how. All I know is I suddenly get an idea in my head and then I need to decide if i like it or not. Yesterday I had a fun evening creating with some friends during which I came up with a new idea. I’ll use this evening to try and explain the answer to the question How Do You Come Up With Ideas.  How Do You Come Up With IdeasEvery few weeks I meet up some friends for a light dinner, good conversation and lots of creating. Every time we meet we decide what we’re going to work on. This time we didn’t come up with a certain idea so we decided to be open to whatever …

Creating on a Budget

Creating can be an expensive hobby with lots of expenses on different supplies. Can we be Creating on a Budget? Expenses add up because we want all the colors and we want all the papers. We go to the craft store and see all the sales and say to ourselves that we need them for our projects but do we really need them?  Creating on a BudgetIs it possible to be more fugal and create on a budget when the industry keeps bombarding us with new shiny supplies and tells us that we must have them? I was thinking about the things I used to help me cut the cost of creating and compiled them to a list:Bubble wrap: great for creating patterns as a stamp or on a gelli plateThings from nature: leaves, shells and feathers are all things you can buy in a store but it’s much cheaper to use the real thing.Metal objects: I find metal objects everywhere I …

10 Things to Do with a Blank Canvas

Finally you have time to create something and you’re in the mood and the house is quiet. You make your way to your craft room, pick a canvas and then… blank canvas syndrome! Nothing…nothing comes to your mind, no idea or inspiration. You look at the empty canvas and your mind goes blank. Everybody goes through this so I want to share with you my 10 Things to Do with a Blank Canvas.  10 Things to Do with a Blank Canvas1.Paint it in a single colorPick your favorite color and cover the entire canvas and now there is no more white canvas. The color can be your first layer that you add on it or it can be a background for other mediums like stamping, drawing or doodling.2. Go geometricThis time pick more than one color and use a brush to create lines in any direction, circles in different sizes or even both.3. CollageGo to your paper scraps stash and pick …

10 Reasons Why We Love Creating

We all experience and suffer from procrastination, resistance, fears, doubts, negative thoughts, criticism and other “fun” things. Sometimes we need a reminder to the 10 Reasons Why We Love Creating. You know you love making art but if you’ll have this list in front of you will always find a reason to keep creating and be motivated!   10 Reasons Why We Love Creating1.You can create without spending too much money.2. Creating brings fun and play into your life.3. You don’t need to be technical to create.4. Creativity has the power to heal. it can ease pain, help cope with grief and even change lives.5. Creating forms connections and communities by sharing or coming together with friends.6. Creativity is a way to bring beauty into your life.7. Creativity can be a great gift from a little mini album to a wall hanging canvas.8. Creating is the best way for self expression.9. Creating is a way for an adult to make a mess!10. Creativity …

Steampunk Mini Maze Book

All the newsletter subbies got a really cool freebie this month – a Steampunk Mini Maze Book. I designed this special printable freebie especially and exclusively for them. I love maze books. they are so cute and clever and you only need one piece of paper to create them.    Steampunk Mini Maze BookIf you want to get this printable sign up for my creative newsletter. All new subbies who sign up until August 31st will get the link for free. Then the printable will be uploaded to my Etsy shop . When you subscribe send me an email and I’ll send you the link to download this amazing Steampunk Mini Maze Book.Here’s how to build a maze book: Fold the paper in half.Fold each half in half again. Open the paper and repeat on the other direction.Cut along the dotted lines.Start folding the book from the top left square in accordion folds.When you reach the end of the row fold under the next …

Flip Flop Mini Album

I came up with a really cool shape for a mini album, a Flip Flop Mini Album! It has just the right mood and vibe for the perfect summer mini album. It can fit your photos from any summer experience like a day at the beach or the pool, a family picnic or even a vacation. Nothing says summer more than a flip flop right? it’s basically the standard summer shoe that everybody uses. So why not make it into a mini album? I don’t mean use your actual flip flop for the mini album, although it can be an interesting idea. I mean use it as a shape for the mini album’s pages!  Flip Flop Mini AlbumCreating the mini album is easy by tracing the shape of the flip flop onto a page and use it as a template to create the mini’s pages. I used the amazing Voyage Beneath the Sea for this mini album. It has the right …

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