Inside: how to use stencils to make backgrounds and focal point on an art journal page   Stenciling is like magic! You can use them to make your own patterns and images while controlling the size, the shape and the color. This versatile tool is great for art journaling and today I want to show you how to use stencils to make both the background and the focal point!     HOW TO USE STENCILS TO MAKE AN ART JOURNAL PAGE   MAKE THE BACKGROUND   The first step is to fill the page with patterns and colors. Use different stencils with different colors and make the background as colorful as possible. Layer the patterns slightly but give each pattern its own space so it will be visible.     COMPLETE THE BACKGROUND   To complete the background add some more colors and layers with acrylic paints and pieces of tissue papers. Make sure to paint parts of the …

Mini Art Journal Book

I created a Mini Art Journal Book in an easy technique. This technique can be applied to any book you want so you’ll be able to create your own mini albums and books. It’s the perfect way to create something from scratch and give it your own style from the pages to the cover. Mini Art Journal BookStart with heavy water color papers. You want your pages to be thick enough for any medium or material you’ll add on them. Thick papers will not curl, bend or bleed to the other side. Cut the papers to the desired size. The way to figure out the size is easy. Decide what size you want your pages to be. Cut the papers in the same height and double the width. For example if you want your pages to be 4″ long and 3″ wide you need to cut the paper into 4″ by 6″ squares.   Now comes the fun part of adding paints, stenciling …

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