Altered Mixed media Playing cards

These altered mixed media playing cards are just like creating mini mixed media canvases or art journal pages but much less intimidating and at least as much fun. The small size of the playing cards makes it easier to create or experiment with techniques. Plus the fact these are inexpensive playing cards makes the creating process less binding. So if you until now you were on the fence in regards to mixed media this is your chance to give it a try.

AlteredMixed mediaPlaying cards


Altered Mixed media Playing Cards

I used regular playing cards and gessoed their back side, I thought maybe I'll want to play with them so I left the images on the front intact. After the gesso was dry I started playing. I treated each playing card like a canvas or an art journal page and created on it. I didn't want to create a series of cards or something like that, just give every card its own place.

Einat Kessler altered atc cards

Einat Kessler altered playing cards

The really fun part is once you gesso the cards you can use any medium you want and that opens the door to an entire world of paints, inks, papers and much more. This is the time to experiment, try new techniques or materials that you always wanted to try but never dares. In these 4 altered mixed media playing cards I created backgrounds with sprays, acrylic paints and distress inks. Remember my 52 Words challenge? I thought of 52 words - a word for each card! So if you have your list of words you can join me and start to create your own altered mixed media playing cards!



In the video you can see the step by step video tutorial for the first 4 cards. If you want to learn all the techniques, get all the tips and ideas and find out how to use lots of materials on the other 48 cards just join the VIP Room! The VIP Room members will get the full 52 altered mixed media playing cards series.

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