Art Journal Flip Through – Tips on How to Complete Your Art Journal

There is no feeling like this in the world. Well... maybe there is, but finishing an art journal cover to cover is one of the top good feelings in my book. Today I'm sharing an Art Journal Flip Through - Tips on How to Complete Your Art Journal with a little video that will take you to an art journal journey.



Art Journal Flip Through - Tips on How to Complete Your Art Journal

When you start an art journal it looks like there are so many pages that you'll never finish it. But the idea is not to finish it but to have fun creating it! This is a journey that you take equipped with a suitcase full of inspiration and imagination. This creative journey is not only fun but it can also be liberating, educational and even emotional. And that's OK... this is how it's supposed to be!



Here are my tips for completing your art journal:

1. Don't think of it as a race. Nobody is timing you! Don't keep counting how many pages you've done and how many do you still need to do.

2. Think of your art journal as a long road that you need to walk on. You can't skip to the end! You have to overcome all the obstacles along the way and rest for awhile too. Take your time and pace yourself because if you run too fast you'll run out of energy before you finish. The same with your art journal, take your time completing each page and allow your self time to overcome any fears or setbacks.

3. Join two pages together. I glue every two pages together to make them thicker and therefor stronger. It also reduces the number of pages I need to complete and prevent the art journal from becoming too bulky.

4. Use only one art journal at a time. Even if you make mistakes or don't like some of the pages don't switch to another art journal. An art journal is not supposed to be perfect it's supposed to be fun and creative for you! Experiment and try new things on the pages so even if nothing comes out of them you still moved forward and used more pages. You can always cover what you don't like with white gesso and start again.

5. Have no ideas? Watch all my art journal pages video tutorials or take my Art Journaling online class. You can also join the VIP Room and take the year long series of art journaling where we create 12 pages with different techniques, materials, quotes and creative ideas!



I hope you enjoyed this post about Art Journal Flip Through - Tips on How to Complete Your Art Journal.

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