What do you do when there is almost nothing left?

That is the question I recently had to deal with. It was time for me to create another project for Kiki Art DT, but all my supplies were almost finished. I was left with mostly pink papers; I can’t really use with my boys’ photos, some scraps and the large chipboard puzzle shapes. What can I create with that? I put it all on my desk, looked at them, hoping an idea will come. And then it came…a great idea! Why not create a mini album from the puzzle shapes? I thought to myself…I love these fun pieces…and then it hit me, another idea, I would make a mini album titled: “The pieces of my heart” a very appropriate name for a mini album created from puzzle pieces. I took two puzzle shapes and glued a paper on them to form the pages. In the middle of the album, I decided to have a little surprise and kept two small …

Hot, Hot, Hot!

This is another layout I designed for Kiki Art DT and it shows my son’s first bonfire, 6 years ago in Lag Ba’Omer. It was celebrated with all the kids from his kindergarten. In the beginning he was a little worried, but after a while he joined the fun. For those of you who don’t know what Lag Ba’Omer is, here is the short version of the story: Lag-BaOmer is a Jewish holiday celebrated around the month of May, with outings, bonfires, and other joyous events. It all began 2000 years ago when the Roman Empire ruled the land of Israel. A young military leader named Bar-Kochva (son of the stars) succeeded in organizing a rebellion against the Romans. An army was organized and the war went on for 6 years. On the day of Lag-BaOmer, the Jewish rebels re-conquered Jerusalem and Jewish independence was restored. After the battle Bar Kochva’s men lit bonfires on the mountains to announce the victory. …

What do you think am I cute?

I usually design layouts for other people. They’re either my clients who order custom made scrapbooks, or my kids whom their photos make the most of our family’s scrapbooks. So I hardly design a layout with my photo. This time I made an exception. I designed a layout for my baby photos. The paper I used is a paper of my own design. It is called Words and it is part of the TIME line. The Time line incorporates two themes: time and masculine. The different papers have more of a masculine feel to them and they all have time theme on them. This paper has words around all four sides, all of them relate to time. But despite the masculine vibe this paper fitted perfectly to my photos. I am a big fan of circles so I decided to cut all the photos into circles and go from there. I added embellishments and some more circles. I also used …

Flower Tutorial

In the last post you had a chance to see the flower I designed from the new Sizzix Dies. But! You don’t have to have those Dies, you can make them yourself! Here’s how: 1. Cut strips of paper. Use any pattern or solid paper. you can stamp, paint and ink it. You can cut as many strips as you want and in any size you want. I used: 8 strips – 5 inches on 3/4 of an inch (13 x 2 cm)           12 strips – 4.5 inches on 3/4 of an inch (11.5 x 2 cm)            6 strips – 4 inches on 3/4 of an inch (10 x 2 cm)2. Cut the edges of the strips to form an arrow. Punch a hole on each side.3. Cut 5 circles 3/4 of an inch (1.5 cm) in diameter. Punch two holes side by side to make the circles look like buttons. You can also use actual buttons. 4. Cut a piece of wire, about 6 inches long. 5. Thread the …

A farewell flower

How time flies! It’s time for our final challenge in the Sizzix blog hop. We had so much fun with those beautiful, versatile dies. The last die was particularly fun. The BOW is a series of strips bind together to create… anything. When I started playing with it, I immediately saw a flower in the making.  I decided to cut new strips from patterned and solid papers and build a multi layered flower. After the flower was assembled I added some stamens from rolled narrow strips of paper. For the final touch I sprinkled some colored Mika on top of the petals. Then I attached a wooden skewer as a stem and added some green leaves made from the same Die. This was such a fun blog hop. It gave me a chance to work with the new great Sizzix Dies, as well as being a part of an amazing group of designers. I’m sorry it is over so quickly. …

Building a dinosaur

Here is another layout for my sweet young boy. He got a kit for building a dinosaur, and being a big fan of dinosaurs he started working right away. I tried to take some pictures, a task that was not easy at all. He was so excited and he was moving from side to side making it hard to capture the excitement without blur. For this layout I used a lot of dimension especially in the embellishments and the letters. I used chipboard for the tree branch and leaves, as well as the dinosaur. I dyed all the chipboard with chalk ink to get a sort of Crayon look, as if it was painted by a kid. I always try to stretch my supplies as far as I can, so I used the inner part of the foam letters “O”, “B” and “A” to create the dots on the dinosaur’s back. I also created more dimension by using two foam …

Food for the soul, fun for the hands

Yesterday I participated in a workshop day with Nathalie Kalbach, a very talented mixed media artist and scrapbooker from Germany Every few months my friend Alice, who owns a store in Israel, organizes a workshop day or weekend for all of us scrapbook fans. This time we had the pleasure of working with Nathalie, and make great projects. Usually I am busy with deadlines, projects that need to be delivered and other peoples’ scrapbooks. Days like this give me an opportunity to do something for myself, or as I call it: food for the soul and fun for the hands   The first project was a mini album. We made it from corrugated cardboard and canvas pages. We had fun with materials like Tattered Angels’ Glimmer mist, Glimmer Glam, Chalkboard, masks and stamps and we used Prima papers Nathalie’s example was horizontal. I decided I want my album to be vertical (always have to be different…). The theme of my album …

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