How to Create an Art Journal Page with Texture

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Today I want to share with you How to Create an Art Journal Page with Texture. I get a lot of questions about texture in art journaling. The problem with art journaling is that unlike a canvas you can't really add very bold texture or you will not be able to close your journal. However, having said that, you absolutely can and should add texture to your pages!



How to Create an Art Journal Page with Texture

First I want to explain the term texture. Contrary to what you might think there are TWO types of texture: texture you can feel with your fingers or tactile texture and the other kind is visual texture, the texture you can see with your eyes.

Most of the texture we add to art journaling pages is visual: patterns of all kinds, layers of color, images and bold shapes. However, it is possible to add tactile texture too, only while baring in mind it will not be too bold or bulky. I used a gause. You can also use cheese cloth or a bandage. this material is very thin but has a lot of texture when you add it on a page.



Check out the step by step video on how to create this background with very few steps! This background is part of the new series: Year of Art Journaling that is available in the VIP Room for members only. If you want to see how I finished the page and what techniques and materilas I used you can join the VIP Room and get access to this year long series. JOIN TODAY!

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