Don’t Hide Yourself Art Journal Page

I have a new favorite thing to draw - faces. Don't Hide Yourself Art Journal Page is my latest face drawing and I managed to remember to pause every couple of minutes to take a picture and share with you the steps of creating this art journal page. For those of you who think drawing a face is mission impossible let me just remind you that this is only the second time I'm drawing a face. You don't need to know how to draw, I don't. It's all about following a few simple rules!

Don't Hide Yourself Art Journal Page

I wanted this art journal page to show only half a face which will match the theme of the page of not hiding. I started with drawing the face according to the rules i explained in my last post on drawing a face. As you can see I didn't even drew the hair just the basic lines of the face.


Don't Hide Yourself Art Journal Page 1


The next step was to start coloring. I used Prisma Color Crayons which are oil based. I used oil based crayons so later when I added water based sprays and ink the drawing will not smear. The most important thing to remember when coloring a face is the shadowing.


Don't Hide Yourself Art Journal Page 2


After finishing the coloring and adding the hair I started working on the mixed media background. I first started to slightly cover the face with gesso. I only used a little gesso because I didn't want to completely cover the face just create white transparent shadows.


Don't Hide Yourself Art Journal Page 3


For the background I first sprayed the page with a few colors of sprays. I covered the face with paper towel to protect it before spraying. Then I added patterns with stencils and acrylic paints. I also added the title with a permanent black pen.


Don't Hide Yourself Art Journal Page 4


Finally I added some final touches to the page like adding a little more hair and adding a frame around the edges of the page. I love all the layering created in the page and how they combine together. 


Don't Hide Yourself Art Journal Page 5


A full step by step comprehensive tutorial on how to draw a face will be one of the VIP Room Creative Club video tutorials in July. I will teach you how to give your face the right skin tone, how to create the right shadows in the right areas and how to factor in the light direction. You will also learn how to create different hairstyles and backgrounds for your pretty face. 

You can join the VIP Room at any time and have access to this tutorial and all the other tutorials we've had until now. All the VIP Room video tutorials come with a complete supplies list and extra information and tips. In order to create the projects in the VIP Room you don't need to buy special supplies. Each supplies list has detailed substitutes for each product so you'll be able to use what you have in your stash to create the project and Craft for Free!

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Have fun creating!photo

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