Drawing a Face

Drawing a face was something I was scared of. I always thought of myself as someone who doesn't know how to draw. I don't. I'm a talented artist and designer but I don't know how to draw. Well that's what I thought until I met with a friend of mine last week and she said that it's all in my mind. That drawing has nothing to do with talent (well maybe a little) and it's all a matter of technique. Especially when it comes to drawing a face. So I decided to try and I drew a face for the first time.


Drawing a face


Drawing a face

I know you're probably laughing because you don't believe that this is my first face drawing but it is. Apparently drawing a face is easy and has a few steps to follow.

First you draw a circle. It does not have to be a perfect circle so please don't stress about it and spend an hour trying to draw the perfect circle because no one's face is perfect! Draw a line in the center of the circle or even slightly to the top of the center. Then narrow the lines of the circle from the line downwards to create the chin.


Einat Kessler Drawing a Face photo 9


The next step is drawing the eyes. The center of the eyes is on the line and they should be in a shape of a fish or a leaf. the distance between the eyes should be the same as the size of the eyes. Then add the eyelids to each of the eyes and draw the circle of the eye. It should stretch from the top line of the eyelid to the bottom line of the eye. Our eyelids cover part of the inner circle of the eye. Then add the pupil. 


Einat Kessler Drawing a Face photo 8


Now draw the eyebrows above the eyes. The eyebrows will also be the starting point of the nose. But first draw the end of the nose which are the nostrils. They should be in the center between the eyes and the bottom of the face. Then draw a curved line from the eyebrow to the nostrils.


Einat Kessler Drawing a Face photo7


The mouth should be in the center between the nose and the chin. Draw a little line and then the upper and lower lips. Curve the inside line a bit to give your face a happy expression. Finally erase the circle lines on the eyelids and add the eyelashes. Add a neck and hair.


Einat Kessler Drawing a Face photo 6

Einat Kessler Drawing a Face photo 5


Practice drawing a face

Don't worry if you're face is not exactly as you wanted it to be this is your first try. Practice a few times and you'll see your faces improve. This is just the beginning of the face now it's time to color it. Coloring the face the right way with shadows and different skin tones and light directions is a little more complex and requires a full step by step tutorial. This comprehensive tutorial will be one of the VIP Room Creative Club video tutorials in July. I will teach you how to give your face the right skin tone, how to create the right shadows in the right areas and how to factor in the light direction. You will also learn how to create different hairstyles and backgrounds for your pretty face.


Einat Kessler Drawing a Face photo 4


Full video tutorial on how to draw a face

You can join the VIP Room at any time and have access to this tutorial and all the other tutorials we've had until now. All the VIP Room video tutorials come with a complete supplies list and extra information and tips. In order to create the projects in the VIP Room you don't need to buy special supplies. Each supplies list has detailed substitutes for each product so you'll be able to use what you have in your stash to create the project and Craft for Free!

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Have fun creating!photo

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