Graphic 45 Design Team Audition 2016

I finally got enough courage to enter the Graphic 45 Design Team audition. I've been a huge fan of Graphic 45 for a long time and being on the design team have been my dream forever. I finally got the courage during the last CHA Mega show where I took a Graphic 45 class. in that class we had to cover a box with papers and create a top for it and then cover some coasters with papers as well. It was a beautiful project but as you know I'm not a fan of copy paste so I decided to change the project a little and bind the coasters into a mini album and add a few interactive surprises. I was halfway done when the class was over and the Graphic 45 team liked it so much I promised to finish it before the end of the show. On the last day of the show I went to the Graphic 45 booth and showed them the finished box with the mini album. When I saw they loved it I knew that I might have a chance to be on the DT if I'll only be able to produce unique pretty projects worthy of the Graphic 45 amazing papers.' it goes....wish me luck!



Graphic 45 Design Team Audition

Vintage Candlestick Phone

The first project I created features one of my all time favorite collections: Communique. I created a vintage candlestick telephone from scratch, building the receiver, talking handle and stick. The base of the phone is a circular box that reveals an interactive circle mini album inside. It's hard to show moving mechanisms in photos so I added a little video to show you how everything works.


Einat Kessler Graphic 45 Audition Vintage Telephone interactive mini album


Einat Kessler Graphic 45 Audition Telephone mini album box


Einat Kessler Graphic 45 Audition Vintage Telephone mini album


Einat Kessler Graphic 45 Audition Vintage Telephone mini album box


Einat Kessler Graphic 45 Audition Telephone mini album




Enchanted Forest Tunnel Book

The second project features the magical collection: Enchanted Forest. It's full of knights, princesses and all things fairy tales. That inspired me to create a tunnel book that tells the story of a brave knight saving the defenseless princess from the evil dragon's claws. This was a really fun project to create because it felt like being a kid again reading stories about kings and queens. You get to share my fun because there is a full tutorial to show you how to create it yourself.


Einat Kessler Graphic 45 Audition Tunnel Book


Einat Kessler Graphic 45 Audition Tunnel Book front open


Einat Kessler Graphic 45 Audition Tunnel Book front


Einat Kessler Graphic 45 Audition Tunnel Book knight


Check out How to Create an Enchanted Forest Tunnel Book by Einat Kessler on Snapguide.


Interactive Suitcase Tri-Folder Mini Album

The third project was a little tricky. I only had a few papers from the amazing Cityscapes collection but I wanted to use them for a project so I decided to combine this collection with some leftovers I had from the Communique collection because they go really well together. I created a suitcase not with clothes but with three interactive mini albums. I created each mini album as a file folder with different flaps and interactive surprises in it. Each one celebrating a different city: New York, Paris and London. I had to find all the related images for each city in the papers and what I couldn't find I created myself. I added a little video to show you the folders and the interactive mechanisms in them.


Einat Kessler Graphic 45 Audition suitcase mini album back


Einat Kessler Graphic 45 Audition suitcase mini album


Einat Kessler Graphic 45 Audition suitcase mini album NY


Einat Kessler Graphic 45 Audition suitcase mini album open



Steampunk Debutante Configuration Box

My final project is an embellished configuration box featuring my favorite collection: Steampunk Debutante. As you know I'm a steampunk enthusiast so I had to make at least one project with this collection and a lot of metal embellishments. It took a lot of work to fussy cut all the images but you know I love doing that. The best part was to assemble each and every little box with all the embellishments. Lucky for me I have small hands so it wasn't a problem 🙂

Einat Kessler Graphic 45 2016 Audition Printers Tray



Einat Kessler Graphic 45 2016 Audition Printers Tray bottom right corner



Einat Kessler Graphic 45 2016 Audition Printers Tray bottom corner



Einat Kessler Graphic 45 2016 Audition Printers Tray left corner


Thanks so much for making it to the end of this long post.

Please leave a comment telling me what you think of my projects and which one is your favorite. Oho...and don't forget to keep your fingers crosses!


42 comments on “Graphic 45 Design Team Audition 2016

  • THANK YOU!! for this gears up the last project. I do not have die cut machine (still/yet??) and today I was really upset, how make more gears to my projects. And now i see, that to cut stamped gears is OK. THANKS!!

  • Marlene Letendre says:

    I follow you on utube and am always inspired with your work. All of your projects are spectacular. I can’t imagine Graphic 45 not making you their number one choice.

  • Congratulations on making the Top 30!
    Lovely projects 🙂
    Good luck in the final round:)
    Greetings, Padoriaa

  • Anat - tshupile says:

    Good luck dear! בהצלחה. עכשיו ראיתי. כל הכבוד על התעוזה ועל העבודות הכל כך יפות. הלוואי ותבחרי. חיבוק גדול, ענת – טשופילה

  • Maggi Harding says:

    Big congrats on making the top 30! Your creations are really great. Wishing you lots of luck in the final round.

  • Helen Allen says:

    Hi Einat, Congratulations on making the top 30! I know what you are feeling right now! I am already a fan of your work! I am a YouTuber too. I think I need the Enchanted Forest papers now I have seen your fab tunnel box. It will be exciting to see everyones’ final submission. Good luck to us all for the second round! Hugs Helen x

  • Aneta Matuszewska says:

    Congratulations on making the Top 30! Your work is lovely 🙂 Wishing you all the best! xoxo Aneta

  • Charee Filimoehala says:

    Your work is so stunning! Wow, we love your altered art ideas. We are so inspired by your creativity! We are honored you submitted to be on our Design Team! Many thanks. Happy Papercrafting, Charee and Joanna from Graphic 45

  • Rechelle Thackray says:

    WOW!! My favorite is the Steampunk Debutante Configuration Box. Truly amazing! Wishing you lots and lots of luck!

  • Cindy Adler says:

    Eilat, Thank you for sharing your amazing creations! I am so impressed and inspired. Your videos are excellent with clear sound, no umms and ahhhs or banging your nails on your projects. I really appreciate your professionalism! Good luck with your audition.

  • Oh, you’re so creative… if they have any sense -they’ll choose you. I wish you luck, though you don’t seem to need it – you’ve got talent!

  • Leonie Viljoen says:

    Well if they don’t pick you for their team they will lose a great deal!!! Their loss not yours!!!!! All your projects are AMAZING!!!!!! I hold all my fingers crossed!!

  • Your design aesthetic fits so well with Graphic 45! I hope they recognize your talent and snap you up – – beautiful work!!

  • Joan Shahan says:

    I love your Steampunk box and the suitcase mimi album! You are so talented and I love your How To videos! Good luck!

  • Ruth Cummins says:

    Love, love, love your creativity! I don’t know you but I love what you did. My two favorites are the tunnel book (not sure what I’d do with it) and the suitcase travel album – and I travel enough, I will probably copy your idea. How adorable!

  • MariLynn DeGroot says:

    Oh my Einat, all these are amazing. You are such a creative genius. If they are wise at G45 they will definitely pick you for their design team. They would be lucky to have you.

  • Awesome pieces all of them! Allthough I’m not into steam punk myself my favourite is the last piece – so many details to explore. Goos luck with the audition!

  • Donna Trujillo says:

    I have followed you for a while and your work and imagination are incredibly inspiring. I love it! Good luck. Dtrujillo

  • I love the small photo book. first thought was it is a phone book. It has so many neat surprises inside. love the rotary dial. You sure put a lot in a very small space


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