Making a Family History book Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of the series Making a Family History Book part 3. I hope you found the ideas I've shared so far inspiring and maybe even try a few of them.

Gossip & Experiences

At first glance you might think it's inappropriate to include such things in a heritage book, but consider the fact that this book is a history book for generations to come. The experiences or gossip stories of today will be the treasured memories tomorrow. In this page, which is the opening page for the chapter about the immediate family, I added short sentences about special things we like to do together as a family.



Themed pages

Themed pages are pages which are designed according to a specific subject. A page like that is a great and creative way to tell a story about a person. By creating a page about space it is easy to understand that my other son is interested in this subject without using words.


Multiple Scenes

Creating multiple scenes as an embellishment for a page is another way to create a themed page, only a little more complex. The next page is made up of three pages designed as a book. On the left side of the page there is a scene of a little house among the trees. This scene is glued to the background paper and stay constant.


The right side of the scene is on the left side of the text page which opens up to reveal more pages. When you open the pages the scene changes! The first scene is a horse and carriage in the woods. The second page shows a group of tents in the woods and the third page shows two little girls with school bags on their backs.



The first two scenes were created by paper piecing and the last scene is an image I cut from a photo.

Use the Story

All scenes presented in this page were taken from the story in the text itself. You can find inspiration in any story and use elements from it to create embellishments on the page.

Tune in next Friday for the fourth post of the series!

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