Mixed Media Art Journal Page: Caterpillar

Sometimes I have an idea in my head and I know exactly how I want my art journal page to look. But sometimes I come across a sentence I really like and my head starts to sound like Waze…reconfiguring…I suddenly find myself with a new idea that I like even better! This is what happened to this art journal page. I knew exactly what I wanted. A page with a winter feel, dark colors and rain, but then I came across this sentence: ” Just when the caterpillar thought her life was over she began to FLY” it’s a paraphrase of a quote by Barbara Haines Howett and it really spoke to me. Suddenly I saw vibrant colors and butterflies…

This art journal page is a little different because there is only partial background and some of the page is blank. It enhances the flow of the page and the feeling that the butterflies are actually flying. I used a stencil and modeling paste to create the butterflies.

I added color sprays and used a water brush to spread it. I created borders for the butterflies with aquarelle pencils and artist’s pen big brushes. Then I added dots and splatters for more texture and pattern. I wrote the sentence between the butterflies.

It’s always fun and challenging to try something new and for me, who always cover the page with lots of paint and patterns, leaving some areas blank was not easy. But that’s what art journaling is all about…trying new things, stretching the limits, going out of your comfort zone and finding new ways to express yourself!

For a full step by step tutorial, watch the video!Follow me on Facebook and YouTube for more crafty treats!

Have fun creating!

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