My Top 3: Art Journaling Page Ideas

Hi dear crafty friends!

You might be surprised to hear this but even I get stuck or uninspired. I always have my art journal near by and I really love creating pages but even I sometimes stare at a blank page with no ideas. So today on My Top 3: Art Journaling Page Ideas.




My Top 3: Art Journaling Page Ideas

These 3 ideas are always a good starting point when I have no ideas...

1. A quote

Find inspiration in a favorite quote. I go online and do a search with a keyword I like and the word quotes. Then I get a list of great quotes with that word and at that point usually an idea will come to my mind. A quote is a great way to get inspiration not just for the text of the page but also for the design. For example the quote: Home is where the heart is inspires me to add items such as: houses, fence, garden, trees and flowers, colors like: green, blue and yellow etc. Just play with the quote in your head and the ideas will come...

In this page I wanted to use this cool quote. From there I wanted to add rain and a dancing girl. Once I knew what I wanted on the page things started moving fast. There's a step by step tutorial HERE



2. Repeat shape

When I have no idea I decide on one shape that I want to use. My favorite shape is circles so I simply start to draw circles on my page. I can also create a collage of cut circles or use stencils and stamps of circles. At that point an idea usually starts forming. I once turned the circles into flowers and other time I added doodling and texture.

In this page I doodles circles and then filled them and added details to them. Finally I just added a little color to the background. Not all pages have to be a master piece...



3. Stamp

I pick one of my favorite stamps and I stamp the page. I usually go for a large detailed stamp and then I color it. If that doesn't spark an idea I add more stamps and continue the process. I add some colors to the background and if by that point I have no idea I leave it. At least I have a ready background for later...

In this page I used feathers and continued from there.



The point is not always to create a perfect page the point is to create and keep creating. Creating is a muscle the more you'll use it the better it'll be!

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Have fun creating!

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