Scrapbooking Tips: How to Create Landscape

I got a lot of requests for scrapbooking ideas and techniques so I'm starting a new series: Scrapbooking Tips. Today on the first post in the series I'm sharing Scrapbooking Tips: How to Create Landscape. My goal is to share tips and ideas on creating scrapbooking pages with what you have in your stash. I want to help you use your stash and create affordable, fast and fun pages.



Scrapbooking Tips- How to create landscape


Scrapbooking Tips: How to Create Landscape

Creating landscape with grass, trees and more is very easy and doesn't require expensive materials or fancy techniques.

How to create grass?

For this technique all you need is a green wide ribbon. Pleat the ribbon and adhere it to your page (if you want to create the landscape don’t adhere it yet). The pleats create movement like the moving grass.


Scrapbooking Tips How to Create Landscape 1

How to create a tree?

To create a tree use scraps of brown and green card stock. Cut a tree trunk with three branches and ink the edges. Then cut or punch three green circles and ink them too. First adhere the circles to the page and then adhere the trunk. You can add a little bird or a nest on one of the branches.


Scrapbooking Tips How to Create Landscape 2


How to create a landscape?

I created the landscape in layers from a few elements. The first layer is a strip of green paper. On top of the paper I adhered the following elements according to this order: ribbon, pleated grass, picnic word sticker, torn strip of scrap paper. to finish the scene I added flower stickers and buttons.


Scrapbooking Tips How to Create Landscape 1

I hope Scrapbooking Tips: How to Create Landscape was informative and inspiring and that the series will be helpful for you. Please leave me a comment telling me what scrapbooking tips, techniques and ideas you would want to learn.


Scrapbooking Tips How to Create Landscape


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