Inside: fun and easy 5 minute project ideas you’ll love to make!   If I could have my wish I’d have 3 extra hours a day just for crafting. Unfortunately I don’t see it happen… we only have 24 hours a day and we mostly fill them with things we have to do, work, kids etc. But I need more crafting time! So if I can’t control how many hours are in a day I’ll control how much time I need for crafting! My formula is simple – make 5 minute projects that are also useful and kill two birds in one stone… craft AND make things someone can use so they’ll be perfect as gifts or for future projects.     5 MINUTE PROJECT IDEAS The key for 5 minute projects is not necessarily work fast but make easy projects that don’t involve complicated techniques, lots of materials and long processes. It might not take exactly 5 minutes …

5 Minute Craft – Embellished Frame

I found one of my early 5 Minute Craft – Embellished Frame project. I did it a long time ago but it’s still fun and fast. All you need to do this project is an old frame, a little paint and a few embellishments from your stash.  5 Minute Craft – Embellished FrameThis project is so easy and fast you can work on it with your kids. The even better thing is that you can make a few of those in one afternoon as gifts!  Let’s get started:1.Paint the sides of the wooden frame with acrylic paint. You can also use a plastic frame and then you can skip the painting stage.2. Cut a square of paper to cover the front of the frame. Cut out the inside square as well.3. attach the paper to the frame.4. Cut around the frame to remove exess paper if nesesery.5. Add two matching ribbons on bottom part of the frame.6. Cut a paper frame for …

5 Minute Craft: Folded 3 Pocket Page

Today on 5 Minute Craft: Folded 3 Pocket Page. This is a really easy and fast project that you can add to a scrapbooking page. You can also create a few of these folded pocket pages and bind them together into a mini album. Each page has 3 pockets: two on both sides of the page and one on top.  5 Minute Craft: Folded 3 Pocket PageThis is a very easy way to start creating interactive mini albums with pockets. Instead of building complicated mechanisms just use this folded pocket page to create your mini. Change the papers and embellish them and then add journaling tags or photos in the pockets. You can bind the mini album with rings, Bind-it-All or with the hinge system. In any way you choose you’ll get an impressive interactive mini album in no time.You can also use this folded pocket page as a gift card holder or even as a card. Simply insert tags with …

5-Minute Craft: Cards Box

Today on 5-Minute Craft: Cards Box set complete with a box to store your cards or give as a gift. This can be a great solution for ATC’s or Christmas cards that you don’t know where to put. For this project you’ll only need a 12×12 double sided thick cardstock and a bone folder to make sure your folds are creased well. If you don’t have a scoring board than use a ruler and a bone folder.  5-Minute Craft: Cards BoxYou can change the size of the paper you are using to accommodate larger cards. In order to do that measure the size of your card and make sure the front and back panels of the box are slightly bigger than that. That will guarantee that the box will be big enough. If you have a lot of cards you want to fit in the box just stack them together. Measure the combined height of the pile. That will give you …

5-Minute Craft: Eraser Bulletin Board

In today’s 5-Minute Craft: Eraser Bulletin Board . This fast project will solve all your memory problems! You’ll never forget what you need to do when you have a pretty bulletin board in front of your eyes. All you need for this project is an old picture frame with glass. You can also use a store bought frame or a lid from an unused tea bag box. The important thing is to have a frame with glass in the center. You will also need a piece of pattern paper. I recommend not to use a noisy pattern because you need to write things on the bulletin board that you want to be able to see.  5-Minute Craft: Eraser Bulletin BoardThe fun thing about the 5-Minute Craft: Eraser Bulletin Board is that you can give it your personal touch by changing things around. Create a bigger board by using a larger frame, add embellishments such as flowers or metal parts. Add cloths pins to …

5-Minute Craft: Pretty Envelope

Today on 5-Minute Craft: Pretty Envelope! This cute little envelope  can be created for almost anything you want, such as a cd, a card or even money. It’s pretty to be a gift wrap for any gift to someone special. It’s so easy to create you’ll not believe it! It takes even less than 5 minutes.  5-Minute Craft: Pretty EnvelopeAll you need are four circles to create your envelope. The great thing is that you decide what size those circles will be. The larger the circles the larger the envelope and you’ll be able to fit larger things in it. The best thing is to cut the circles from a double sided cardstock so the inside will look as good as the outside. Use whatever circle cutting tool you have or draw a circle with a pencil and cut with your scissors. Once you cut the first circle you can use it as a template for the other three circles you …

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