Inside: how to make a DIY paper bookmark with a magnet   When I was about 8 or 9 years old I used to read a lot of books, so many that I had a special position in the library. I was selected to be a special helper to the librarian and as part of my job I arranged books on shelves and mended torn books with masking tape – I guess I had good hands even back then 🙂 That job made me feel so important and accomplished and I think it was one of the most positive experiences I had as a child. Today I don’t read so much but books have a special place in my hearts. I could never read a book on Kindle or on the computer and if I do read a book its always a hard copy.       If there is one thing I hate is that people mark their …

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Einat Kessler


Hello crafty friends!
I'm Einat: creative professional,mixed media artist, scrapbook and paper designer, altering enthusiast and class instructor.
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