Inside: how to transfer a photo to paper   I cherish all the photos I take but making scrapbooks and mini albums can sometimes be boring. So I try to find new ways to make craft projects with photos or combine them with what I create.     HOW TO TRANSFER A PHOTO   Photo transfers were once a complicated, sometimes hazardous process. Then, technology made it possible for anyone to scan, copy, and print photos from the comfort of their home or studio. Images printed on inkjet printers are much safer to use and easier to transfer. There are many image transfer methods and they differ depending on the surface you’re transferring the image to.   TRANSFER A PHOTO TO PAPER METHODS   There are two methods to transfer an image to paper:   LASER PRINTED PHOTO   TRIM THE PHOTO – you can cut around the photo in a rectangle or square shape or you can fussy …


  Inside: how to make layers on your art journal page   When I started art journaling I made horrible pages but not because they were not pretty because they were wrong! I know I always say that there is no wrong and right in art journaling and it’s true BUT if you want to make an art journal page with an emphasis on the word art there is a very important thing you need to master – LAYERING. Making layers on your art journal page is the basic and fundamental technique you need to make art journal pages and without it your pages will be in a journal but they won’t be art. Mastering the art of layering can be confusing but we’re going to unravel that mystery together!     WHAT IS LAYERING   Layering is working in layers adding a layers of paint, texture or pattern one on top of the other. The techniques and tools of …

Art Journal Page Idea: TP Roll Stamping

  Inside: art journal page idea to help you cope with stress and anxiety and be creative   Art journaling is an amazing way to put your feelings and words into artistic creation. It’s a really fun way to express yourself! These days it has an additional value – it is therapeutic and helps to deal with the stress!                             Art journal pages are all about mixed media – Creating backgrounds, images and sentiments from a verity of materials in a whole range of techniques.   This art journal page idea is easy to make and doesn’t require any previous experience. Follow the step by step tutorial to make this page in your art journal. The creative process is very relaxing and helps decrease anxiety and stress.                         The most important thing about art journaling is …


  Inside: 3 easy ways to add texture to art journal pages   On my first trip to the US people there told me I have very good English and asked me if I once lived in the US or my parents came from the US. They just couldn’t believe I never lived or been to the US before. My English is good, but I still think in Hebrew and translate what I want to say to English. The same way I “translate” what I want to say to images or visual elements in my art journal. But if you want to make a page about texture how do you “translate” that?     HOW TO “TRANSLATE” MEANING TO VISUAL ELEMENTS   Art journaling is all about saying something in a visual form. Sometimes it’s easy to say what you want but sometimes it’s a little tricky.   THE MEANING   The meaning of this page is about the hurdles …

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