Inside: a comprehensive glue guide to help you figure out which glue to use for what material.   In one of the corners of my craft room there is a drawer cabinet with drawers full of supplies. One of these drawers is full of glues and adhesives. The reason I have so many is because I’m always looking for the best glue that will hold what I need and will last forever. Wishful thinking… because as it turned out there’s no such thing! I found out that i need different glues for different materials so I started experimenting and here’s what I found out…     TYPES OF GLUE When you go to the craft store there are so many types of glue to choose from that it’s confusing. You want to get the best glue but you also want it to not be expensive, not turn yellow and not dry over time. So which kind should you get? This …


Inside: how to rescue your valuable old photos from magnetic albums   If you’re over 40 it means you probably have old magnetic albums, black glue-on scrapbooks or just old photos stashed in boxes or drawers. All these precious photos filled with memories and history are in danger! If you used “magnetic” pages in your album – the ones with sticky pages that you could cover with clear plastic – your photos might already be in rough shape. Photos on old black paper pages, even with photo corners, might not be faring well, either. If you do own one of these older photo albums full of precious family pictures then I advise you to do something NOW to try and prevent further deterioration.     WHAT CAN HAPPEN TO YOUR OLD PHOTOS Older magnetic photo albums have pages that are covered in strips of sticky glue that hold the photos to the pages. The pages are then sealed under a …


Inside: full proof ways to save money on your craft supplies   We all know crafting is an expensive hobby! the manufacturers don’t help when they release new products two or three times a year and stores fill their shelves with crafty eye candies as far as the eye can see. However it is possible to stay within a budget and save money on craft supplies.     SAVE MONEY ON CRAFT SUPPLIES IN THE CRAFT ROOM Saving money on craft supplies starts strangely enough in your craft room! Not because you stop buying craft supplies but because you start being smart about the craft supplies you already have. MAXIMIZING CRAFT SUPPLIES Saving bits and bobs from projects is a good way to cut your crafting expenses because you may have much of what you need for your project already on hand. Scrapbooking and paper crafts are perfect examples. I have boxes full of random-sized pieces of patterned papers and …


Inside: great hacks to make amazing mini albums you need to know and try!   If you’re a paper crafter and you want to showcase your photos and document your memories you can make 12×12 scrapbook pages or mini albums. However sometimes those large empty scrapbook pages are a little intimidating and time consuming to create so a smaller mini album is the perfect way to achieve the same goals in less time and more fun!     Mini albums come in all sizes, with 8”x8” and 6”x6” being the most popular. They often have all their pages in the album about a specific person, place, event or occasion. There’s often a thread of continuity in terms of design: The papers match the album or the scrapper uses the same alphabet stickers throughout. WHY MAKE MINI ALBUMS Overwhelmed by the thought of devoting time, money and energy to a giant scrapbook, more and more people are starting small. Here’s why: …


inside: why foam stamps are the best for your mixed media projects   For years I’ve been looking for stamps to include in my mixed media projects but all the stamps that I found only worked with ink. I wanted to stamp images on the background and as focal points on my art journal pages and canvases with acrylic paints and not ink. However the types of stamps available on the market didn’t work with acrylic paints. But then I found foam stamps and my life changed!     WHAT ARE FOAM STAMPS Foam stamps are an interesting alternative to traditional rubber stamps. As the name suggests they are formed from foam and not from rubber or acrylic. They are durable, bold foam stamps designed for use on many surfaces. They can be used with acrylic paints, inks and glazes. You may know foam stamps from kids crafts but today these stamps have evolved into much more versatile and accurate …


Inside: how to use chipboard in your craft projects. Even use the negative leftovers!   If you’re like me you probably have lots of different types of chipboard. Are you really using them in your craft projects or are you just buying them and let them sit around collecting dust? Have you ever tried to buy them online but weren’t sure what you needed? If those questions sound familiar then I’m here to help you be a master of chipboard!     WHAT IS CHIPBOARD? Chipboard is a pressed paperboard (non-corrugated cardboard). It’s made by gluing fragments and layers of recycled paper together. The adhesive is applied using pressure and heat and ends up being smooth and rigid. The thickness varies from very thick to very thin, but it is always heavier than cardstock. Chipboard is popular for scrapbooking, card making, rubber stamp projects and more. It can be painted, inked, distressed, cut and glued. You can also buy chipboard …


Inside: 13 amazing boxes to make yourself for easy storage    Boxes are the number one paper project everyone is making! OK I made that up but if we have the papers and we need to keep our home organized why not create our own storage solutions? You know how much I love boxes and crafts so let’s combine the two! We will not only be organized but we’ll also use some of the paper mountains we have in our stash 😉   WHAT DO YOU NEED TO MAKE A BOX Paper boxes will never be as strong as plastic or metal but they can be strong enough to store various items. If you build them correctly and make them sturdy enough then you can fill them with small items like beads or heavier items like markers. It’s all a matter of size and the material you use. The material to build a box needs to be in the right …

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