How Do You Come Up With Ideas

One of the questions I get asked a lot is How Do You Come Up With Ideas. This question is not easy to answer because the inspiration process is very confusing. Most of it goes on in my brain and I have no idea how. All I know is I suddenly get an idea in my head and then I need to decide if i like it or not. Yesterday I had a fun evening creating with some friends during which I came up with a new idea. I’ll use this evening to try and explain the answer to the question How Do You Come Up With Ideas.  How Do You Come Up With IdeasEvery few weeks I meet up some friends for a light dinner, good conversation and lots of creating. Every time we meet we decide what we’re going to work on. This time we didn’t come up with a certain idea so we decided to be open to whatever …

4 Steps to Create a Vision Board

This is that time of year that I’m setting goals for the year ahead. I know I should do it earlier but better late than never right? Anyway…I’m very good at setting goals but not so good at actually making them happen. So this year I decided to create a vision board. A vision board is a visual representation of whatever goals, ideas, inspiration you have and for me it’s easier to see my goals visually rather than just written on paper. It’s hard to run and hide from your goals and ignore what you really want when there’s such a strong visual reminder staring you in the face! Since a vision board is a personal thing I will not share mine (plus it’s not ready yet) but I will share everything else you need to know about it! Step 1: Set your goalsYour vision board can represent the dreams for your future life, or it may focus on just one …

Year of Inspiration: 52 Art Journal Ideas

A new year is here and this is a great time to start new things! If you wanted to start art journaling but have been putting it off or making excuses…this is the time to start. If you are an art journal veteran then a new year is perfect for starting a new journal. No matter where you are in regards to your art journaling here are 52 ideas to fill your entire year with inspiration! These ideas are meant to jumpstart your creativity, give you an idea on what to create a page about. You can use any material, medium or technique you like or take a chance and experiment with new thing. 1. It’s all about me: things you like, or don’t like. 2. Small things that make you happy.3.What are you thankful for.4. Your favorite quote right now.5. What are you scared of.6. Someone who inspires you.7. The place you live in.8. Your favorite childhood memory.9. The …

6 Tips for getting Inspired

Inspiration is unpredictable, you never know when it’ll appear and sometimes it’s not when you need it. However as creative people inspiration is a key ingredient in our lives and for some of us an essential ingredient in making a living. So How do we get inspired and stay that way? I think an important part of inspiration lies within each of us, but sometimes it’s hidden or masked by other things and we simply can’t see it. Maybe we are preoccupied, hungry, sad, depressed or simply too busy to find our inspiration so first of all… Take Care of YourselfMake sure to get a good night sleep, drink enough water and eat healthy food. This might seem stupid and you might think it has nothing to do with creativity but I know that if I’m tired or hungry I can’t concentrate and my brain is busy with keeping my eyes open and my stomach growling instead of producing ideas. …

Why Do We Need/Use/Love Quotes?

Most of us are active on social networks. For those who regularly use Facebook or Pinterest inspirational quotes are everywhere. Have you ever wondered why is that? What is it about inspirational or funny quotes that touches us so? As we get lost in our fast paced lives, we need things in packages. Small, easy to digest and instant packages. Motivation and inspiration are no different. We need our quick pill of the day. A pick me up. We are surrounded by so many negativeness in our lives, so we seek an escape or some means to help us better cope. Words of wisdom surely help in such times. A good quote by a famous person or a celebrity gives you the feeling that we all share the same issues and if they could do it so can you. I also love how quotes capture what I feel or how things work in the worldwith one or two sentences. They’re …

Ins(paper)ation: Home of inspiration

DT project {Susan K. Weckesser}One of my favorite Susan weckesser’s stamps is this cute adorable house (LOVE stamp). So I decided to use this stamp and create a project that can be an inspiration for yo all. I started with stamping the house on different Susan Weckesser’s patterned papers and cutting the parts of the house like the window, door or roof. Then I played around with the parts so each house got a different color of window, roof or door. I embellished the houses to fit the sentence I wanted to add. “The house does not rest on the ground it rests on a mother”: I stamped the Motherhood is a verb stamp and cutout the image. I added lace, some cut flowers and the sentence.” Fill a home with love and it will fill your life with color”: I added some colorful buttons on the house’s roof and added the sentence. “Home is where the heart is”: I …

Ins(paper)ation: New Year Cards

Another fresh new year is here . . .Another year to live!To banish worry, doubt, and fear,To love and laugh and give!William Arthur Ward This is the season for sending Happy New Year cards for the Jewish New Year. Here are a few cards I made to give you inspiration! It is tradition to eat an apple dipped in honey in the new year. The apple symbolizes our wish for a whole, smooth year and the honey is for the year to be sweet. Flowers are always a good theme for any card especially a card for the new year with bright and happy wishes!   have a wonderful year!   Einat   

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