Inside: 40+ ideas to make your scrapbook pages look amazing every time   If you’re a seasoned scrapbooker or a beginner you want to create beautiful and meaningful scrapbook pages and you’re always looking for new ideas. We have some amazing ideas you need to try to make your scrapbook pages look incredible every time!     SCRAPBOOK PAGE TITLE IDEAS A title is an important ingredient on a layout and can add a unique look to the entire page. A creative title will always boost up your page and add extra interest to it. I always try to come up with new ideas for titles. It’s not just the content that matters it’s also the shape and design of the title.       Match the title design to the theme of your page Add dimension with materials like foam, chipboard or foam tape Combine letters with interesting shapes and handmade embellishments Embellish the letters    SCRAPBOOKING PHOTO IDEAS   …


  Inside: how to make fun wet summer scrapbook pages   When it’s hot outside the best thing you can do is spend the day in water or you can stay indoors, enjoying the ac and making fun wet scrapbook summer pages with all your summer photos.       MAKING SUMMER SCRAPBOOK PAGES   There are a few principles for making summer scrapbook pages: Use summer colors like blues for water photos, greens for camping photos and yellow for photos on the outside in the sun. Keep the atmosphere light and fun with bright colors, funny photos, large headlines and great embellishments Add summer theme embellishments like waves, summer fruits, sun and more.   Here are some summer scrapbook page ideas:   SEA COLOR BACKGROUNDS   Create a page with ocean colors that blend together with the photo. That will immediately give your page the right atmosphere and mood. It can be a pattern with waves, a paper with …


  Inside: what is watercolor powder and how to use it on a scrapbooking page   Let’s go back a few years to when you were a kid, do you remember the amazing feeling you had when you discovered something new? It was a blend of magic, wonder and excitement of seeing something for the first time. This is how I felt when I first tried watercolor powder, it was pure magic to me!     WHAT IS WATERCOLOR POWDER   Watercolor powder is basically a watercolor paint product that comes in a powder form. The product can be mixed with water and used in many different ways. Powders can also be mixed with other liquid, gel, paint and paste mediums to customize the colors of those products.   None of the colors are really ‘pure’ colors – there is a blend of several colors within each bottle or pot that creates its own blend when activated to produce a …


  Inside: 5 ways to frame photos on scrapbook pages   Photos are the main element on a scrapbook page that tells the story and sets the mood for the design. So the photo needs to pop out and be the most visible element on the page. The way to make that is to frame it!     HOW TO FRAME PHOTOS IN SCRAPBOOKING   The most easy and well known method to make a frame for a photo is to create a mat around the photo but I have a few more ideas to frame your photos:   1. Arrange embellishments around the photo and create clusters that slightly overlap the edges of the photo. The embellishments will draw your eyes to the photo.     2. Use an embellishment like a window to frame the photo. This embellishment can be from wood, chipboard or resin as long as it has some height to it. The 3D effect will …

Scrapbooking Tips: Using Interactive Elements

Hi dear crafty friends! Today I’m sharing another of my Scrapbooking Tips: Using Interactive Elements. I get asked a lot how to add interactive elements to a scrapbooking layout especially with the page protector getting in the way. It’s actually much easier than you think if you cheat a little.     Scrapbooking Tips: Using Interactive Elements The idea behind interactive elements is that there are moving parts on your page. Something on the page can be opened, turned or moved in any way. That adds interest, sophistication and fun to the page. It works great on mini album pages but when you want to add it to a 12×12 layout you have a problem with the page protector. There are two ways to solve this problem. The first,which I like less and is more tricky is to cut the page protector and allow the moving part to be on the outside. For example if you have a flap gently …


  Inside: how to make DIY scrapbook lace paper with custom pattern   I love to challenge myself to use my paper scraps. I have a lot of them because I can never bring myself to throw away even the smallest pieces of paper because it seems like a waste. But then I have to find way to use those piles of small paper pieces.     WHAT IS LACE PAPER   Lace paper is a type of paper used in scrapbooking and card making that has the look of lace with a holes pattern. These types of papers don’t just have a lace pattern but they can have all kinds of patterns with gaps in between the shapes.   DIY LACE PAPERS   If you want to use your dies in a different way then try creating a 12×12 lace paper with them. To do that you’ll need some dies in bulky shapes like flowers for example. It will …

Scrapbooking Tips: Black and White Photos

Hi dear crafty friends!I want to share another one of my Scrapbooking Tips: Black and White Photos. Sometimes you have photos you really want to use in a layout but their colors are all wrong. What do you do?  Scrapbooking Tips: Black and White PhotosWhen I have a problem matching the papers I want to use to the photos I want to use I simply turn the photos into black and white. Changing the colors of the photos is really easy and if you don’t have Photoshop you can do it with any free program like PicMonkey. Another way is to set your printer to print in black and white or to ask the photo lab to print them like that for you.   Why change the photos to black and white? Because that makes them neutral in terms of their visual weight. It means they go with every color, pattern or texture, which allows you to use anything you want on your …

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